• Does anyone do spacers for Shimano 10 speed gearing that will fit a Campagnolo cassette and hub? I still have Campagnolo wheels but wish to build a bike with a Shimano 10 speed groupset (it's all about the rapid fire shifters)!
    Cheers for any help!

  • I assume they exist! ?!

  • How do you mean spacers? How would that work?

  • You can buy cassettes that will fit on campag freehubs with shimano spacing. Fairly niche though

  • Or a jtek shiftmate

  • The spacers between each sprocket are the issue with the incompatibility, from what I understand, so you could simply switch the spacers out for Shimano compatible spacing. I'd thought there were aftermarket spacers to make up for the difference in mech pull and alignment issues.

  • I'd hoped I could just get the spacers to alternately space the cassettes I already have, but thanks for that reminder about the shiftmate thingy.

  • I have used a shimano cassette with a 10s campagnolo groupset with no issues and perfect shifting. I'm assuming it would also work viceversa?

  • My experience of a 10s Shimano cassette with 10s Campag was ratshit. I think miche used to do a conversion cassette but I can't find it anymore. If your wheels are Campag/fulcrum you should be able to find a replacement shimano freehub so you can use a shimano cassette.

    Eg. https://www.bike-discount.de/en/buy/camp­agnolo-freehub-body-shimano-9-10-11-spee­d-621654

  • Weird, I run 10s 105 cassette on fulcrum wheels and 10s chorus groupset and its super smooth

  • Most cassettes have the first 3 or so cogs as a single piece so you couldn’t swap the spacers between them. Maybe on some cassettes you could but I wouldn’t imagine it’s something available to buy.

  • None of the ones I have are blocked together, they are all independent. It seriously cannot be hard to 3d print a spacer set for Shimano that fits the Campy splined freehub.

  • Are the spline patterns even the same?

  • Absolutely not, or I'd just use Shimano spacers...

  • Any experience anyone? It work well? Might end up selling wheels at this rate!

  • ^^ With shiftmate ^^

  • You know what, I might actually have the right shiftmate thing spare...

  • I had Campag derailleur and cassette with shimano shifter though. So possibly not

  • Campag cassettes are longer a conversion cassette wont fit on a 10 speed shimano hub anyway without a dishes last sprocket.

    A miche 10 speed shimano cassette with campagnolo (miche) spacer works well enough but still the shifting is not quite right so it's not sold.

  • If you upgrade to 11 speed I believe the you can mix and match. You'll need an 11 speed campagnolo splined cassette - Campag or Miche but as long as the derraileurs and shifters match you should be fine. Depends if you've already got the 10 speed parts...

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Running Campy wheels with Shimano group!? Spacing convertors!?

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