Bikes for kids / children / very small people

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  • I mean that is a good price!

    The only thing I can see going against it is that it has solid tyres, but not sure how much of an issue that is for a balance bike - I can upgrade to something more gnarly when she's older....

  • The small Puky bikes we had were solid - no problem at all, well no complaints from my kids anyway. They had lovely big thick saddles.

    The bigger Puky bike had inflatable tyres

  • The red bullet has solid tyres too, not an issue so far.

  • I tarted up a couple last year that came out pretty nice....

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  • And.....

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  • My lad had a Vitus, it’s ace he loved it. Better value for money than frog or Islay bike. He now rides a giant arx another great value whip.

  • Just the reply I needed, thanks!

    Incoming birthday present for her, I think

  • We got a cube 18 inch wheeler to replace a 16 inch Isla bike. Not many people make 18 inch but 20 was far too big. The difference from 16 is huge, he’s much faster now! I don’t like the plastic chain guard thing but it serves a purpose.

    We also got a toweeze tow rope which we used last night on our off road gravel/ rocky climb home from school. So far it seems good though expensive!

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  • Looks like an awesome school run. Where is it?

  • Top work here. Makes me feel uncaring for just switching out a headset...

  • We've gone:

    Ridgeback Scoot > Ridgeback MX16 > Raleigh Performance 20 > B'Twin Rockrider 24

    The latest was found in a sorry state (missing parts, although structurally sound) and I've refurbed it pretty much entirely. They've all been perfectly functional, although heavier than is ideal (with the exception of the Raleigh which was quite light), just not getting as much use as would be ideal.

  • The red Isla bike in @doubleodavey first pics is now under the guardianship of my lad.
    He loves it and cycles to pre school on it everyday!

    Reckon it'll do him for another 18 months, then my girl can have it.

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  • how long are we estimating from a 12" balance bike to a 14" first pedal bike?

    kiddo is just getting onto the 12" now (Early Rider) always like to be prepared so getting the next bike ready a bit sooner.. and stripping it etc!

  • My lad got his first pedal bike just before his 3rd birthday, after he had been propelling himself and gliding and cruising with his feet off the ground on his balance bike.
    He pushed it around and rode it like a balance bike for a couple of months and then was pedalling happily without support four months after he got it.

  • We transitioned from a 12" balance bike to a 16" pedal bike in one day at the age of 4 1/2.

  • Yep, my youngest was 3 1/2 when she got her pedal bike - and she was quite small. But her progress was accelerated by wanting to keep up with the elder one. Was kinda scary though as, while she could ride pretty much straight away, its a lot to think about for their small brains at that age.

    First time around, we waited a bit longer as the eldest loved her balance bike and moving to a pedal bike was actually a step back in some ways. She went from being able to raz around the local dirt jumps/pump track on the balance bike, to being much more cautious on the pedal bike. It's a lot easier to fall off a pedal bike.

    TL:DR - Balance bikes are ace - do not rush to move on if you don't need to.

  • great thanks! She has a 10" balance and is flying about, but definitely want her to really hone her skills on a balance bike before we think about a pedal bike, of course she will balance bike it for a while to learn braking, then the fun begins!

    I guess at 2yr3 months we have a year or so before "we" make a purchase, so 8 months and i will find something!

  • Ah that’s not the school run, that would be awesome! That’s along stanedge edge above hathersage. We school run along the peak forest canal and down through brabyns wood which is equally good!

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Bikes for kids / children / very small people

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