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  • I haven't seen a thread dedicated to (very) little bikes, so I thought I'd start one.

    My three kids have had a variety of bikes over the past few years, and no doubt they'll have many more in the years to come.

    Here are a few archive photos of the fleet. These bikes have now been passed on.

    Hold tight for the next thrilling installment - bikes with pedals!

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  • Great idea for a thread. I’m going to be needing a balance bike in the next 6 months or so, so it’s good to see what others have got/had and then what to move on to. Saves asking the same old questions in the parents’ thread over and over again.

    That little red Puky balance bike looks like an excellent middle ground between an Isla and the likes of the cheap Decathlon ones. I think that’s what I’ve been looking for.

  • The smallest ones are Puky LRM

    The next size up with a rear brake is the Puky LR1-B

    Got to love those catchy names. The big yellow Puky was a Z2 - bit heavy to learn on straight away, but my twins loved the difference after having ridden the Cnoc and the Dawes Academy

  • Re: Balance bikes, we went for the cheap £20 Halfords (‘adapt’) one. I’ve maxed out the seatpost as he (now 4!) is reluctant to move to bike with pedals. Considering buying a new longer seatpost. He loves the fact that we both have white bikes :)

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  • I picked up a Raleigh Performance 16 today. It looks OK, pretty similar in weight to the Islabikes cnoc 16.

    The previous owner has been DAS

  • Nice. Radavist photo shoot?

  • Lol :D No, just my own photoshoot. Here's more pics:­les/

  • What is that? Looks awesome.

  • If anyone’s got a suitable balance bike for a very large 21 month old they’re looking to get rid of, give me a shout

  • Standert do a nice one
  • Whoa, next level. What saddle did you use?
    Struggling to find one small enough for our C'dale trail balance bike.

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  • Admittedly not as chi-chi as Konga's, but probably cost less:

  • I thought the strider i got my lil one was pimp. Wowee

  • Someone need to cross post that talbot that was made from 853 off cuts. That shit was peak hip hop kiddo biek.

  • Nice thread, only just seen it. Going to pop my balance bike research here in case it helps anyone:

    Islabike rothan. 3.2kg. Brakes.
    Frog tadpole. 4.15kg. £215. Brakes.
    Wiggins Pau. 3.8kg. £70-100. Brakes.
    Strider Pro. 2.4kg. £110. No brakes.
    Strider Sport. 2.9kg. £80. No brakes
    Ridgeback scoot. 4.9kg.
    Puky lrm learner. 3.5kg. £70. No brakes.
    Vitus nippy superlight 1.9kg. £40. No brakes.
    Chicco red bullet. 2.7kg. £23. No brakes.

  • Been looking for a new bike for my 8yr old daughter. Ended up going for a Giant ARX 24. Its a superb bike. Pretty light. No rubbish discs, decent easy to use V's. Correct size kid friendly components. No simple straight lite forks with geometry set up for non sus forks.

    If your looking for something for an 8 yr old, one to keep in mind.

  • I've got my eye on the ARX 24, they look like great bikes and pretty decent value too. Also looking at the Cuda cp24r if we decide to go the cx route. Anyone familiar with these?

  • The Early Riders are nice bits of kit. I've just finished tricking out this for the youngest. As the eldest got a new bike last time, it only seems fair to tart the hand-me-down one up. Also meant I got to indulge in some purple annodised goodness (don't worry, the headset is a fake CK).

    Wish my parents had been into kids don't realise how good they've got it!

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  • The Vitus jumps out to me from that list. One of the cheapest + one of the lightest - am very tempted to grab one for my daughter.

    Anyone know any reasons why I shouldn't?

  • I thought the same too, and wondered why it's not more popular a choice. I would have got it, but ended up getting the Red Bullet for £5.

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Bikes for kids / children / very small people

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