Bianchi CX - 2002 Sanremo

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  • I took a notion last week (while in hospital) to build up a steel frame CX bike. I also have a unhealthy fascination for Bianchis ( I have a neo retro 1992 Reparte Corsa with Campag 11 speed chorus ). So set about looking for a steel canti frame.. I quickly came across this frame being sold in bits as a sort of complete (ish) bike..

    I have a few other pics, but so I think it's just really dirty and should clean up OK..

    It is a 2002 Bianchi Sanremo which is based around a touring geometry with canti brakes and clearance for bigger tyres.. here is the original spec sheet. It's a bit of a beater but a bianchi beater none the less.. plans are

    It's coming with campagnolo mirage 9 speed triple, so this should be fine with whatever rear cassette I find for it.

    Wheels & tyres
    I took a set of XCR Xero wheels (Campag fitment) off my other Bianchi so have them lying in the garage. They are quite light at 1630g, maybe a bit too light but this bike will just be used for light fire trails. 30mm deep rims.

    I have a genesis equilibrium disc which I've managed to fit 32mm gravelkings too, so I will be using those tyres. And making the equilibrium back into a more road orientated bike.

    Finishing kit

    Quill adapter, 60-80mm stem and either some flared Alpkit bomber bars or planet X flared, will see what it looks like as I already have both bars in stock. Charge spoon seat has been ordered as this is what I have on all my bikes. Will see what canti brakes the frame is coming with (It originally came with Avid Shorty 6) or else with sort something out.

    Hopefully it shouldn't take long to build it all up, but again I'm not in a mad hurry as I can't ride for about 3-4 weeks due to my recent heart surgery.. but this keeps me out if trouble while I'm unable to ride..

    Here is one in CX mode for inspiration.

  • Get well soon. This frame is amazing, looking forward to it

  • Thanks.. it should be arriving in the post today.. hopefully.. did a quick rumage in the garage.. so only thing I bought out of that lot was the charge spoon and the bar tape

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  • It finally arrived today, although this is how it turned up.. all staples from the under of the box ripped open somehow.. maybe that's why it was delayed from Friday..

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  • Anyway, nuts and bolts and bits and bobs all loose in the box, but got everything out and it all seemed to be there.. so started to do a bit of building..

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  • Got the headset in and fork on.. and a few other bits and pieces. Let's hope 32mm gravel kings fit

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  • TIG cro-mo with "zero flex stays" LOL

  • I'd probably tell the seller to use a cactus as a dildo after this. Anyways, bike's gonna be good, keep us posted! :)

  • No flex because the bare frame weighs in at 2.4kgs!!

  • Got the gravel kings off my Genesis Equilibrium and onto my XCR wheels.. cassette also fitted..

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  • I can't upload more than one photo per post from my android phone.. anyone know how to add upto 5??

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  • You can if you post it first then add afterwards. At least that works for me.

    I love that frameset

  • Nice project. Don't you want a higher spoke count on a bike like this?

  • I know, but I had the wheels lying there.. will see how there fair.. it's only light fire trail stuff I'll be doing so they should be fine (hopefully)

  • TBH it was the bottom of the box that had opened. all of the large copper staples pulled out.. Not sure how that would of happened.. But at least everything was there..

  • Interesting 👍

  • 32mm's fit.. also put on some 99p planet X canti's.. although I can see me ordering some Tektro canti's from SJS. Just need a quick link and some inner cables.. didn't know that campag have different size ends than SRAM / Shimano..

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  • L@_@king gudd!!

  • Bought a helmet for £10 from planet X for my wee fella and ended up buying Tektro Canti's for the bianchi. So quick brake install with cables and also got the gear inners installed.. waiting on a new chain as it was just as cheap as buying a quick link for my existing chain..

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  • new 9 speed KMC chain arrived today. It was the same price for a chain and quicklink as it was for a quicklink.. so just finished building it up tonight..

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  • Great !

  • Sweeeeeeeet

  • Looks ready for a tilt at your local cx league!

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Bianchi CX - 2002 Sanremo

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