1" non-threaded straight forks

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  • I've seen woundups and Time Vectrans, but the former are $$$ and the latter are super rare (or at least so it seems).

    Do others exist...?


  • Yes.

    Look made one
    Reynolds ouzo is likely the most common one.
    Wasent easton ec90 sl also available in 1" non threaded.
    Kestrel should have made a model i think.
    Think even edge (as in enve before the hype) made 1".

    There are likely more out there as well.

    Edit duh forgot about the straight legs part.. So reynolds is out. And maybe kestrel as well.

  • There are a few second-hand option, as said before, but you could look into Time Forks, toward the end they made a few 1" Unthreder IIRC.

    There are new options too, namely this:

    The same seller has the matching headset, which is necessary as the fork as an integrated crown

  • There also was a recall on Ouzo forks because a few of them failed so I would take that on advisement. There are some straight Look HSC forks but like the Time ones they are hella rare

  • Only recall on the Ultra light ouzo fork if memory serves and limited series. Dont even think the ul was available in 1" even?

  • I had some straight 1” threadless forks kicking about for ages. Gave them away with a bunch of parts last weekend. They were nothing special just steel off an aluminium framed Raleigh. If you just want the look they would be worth a try

  • I remember that I had this after I had the Time Straight Fork:


    Tifosi make a 1 inch threadless with or without eyelets, it's not straight, so slightly less "cool", but it wasn't all that heavy and did the job.

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1" non-threaded straight forks

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