Boris leadership 2019

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  • Rory Stewart is just as slimy as any Tory before or after. Are people that shallow and easily bamboozled?

  • No, its just that the options other than Stewart are so uterly grim that people are clinging to what ever hope there might be.
    I cant remember a worst time in politics since the worst Thatcher years when Tebbit and Joseph were rampant. McVey is vile.

  • Nah, the guy's an awful slimey, self serving, sycophantic slug. But if you're telling someone they have to choose which number on the Bristol stool chart they have to eat, they'll probably go for the down the middle shits they prefer coming out of their arse, rather then the shits they remember hurting or needing to clean up after... and then eat... for a number of years.

  • .... And his real name is 'Rod'......­rt

  • There were a few Private Eye stories about it being unusable, but I haven't seen any for some time.

  • Published: 50 minutes ago

    Leadership election candidate MP support numbers:

    Johnson 83, Hunt 37, Gove 34, Raab 23, Javid 19, Hancock 17 Mark Harper 8 Rory Stewart 7 Esther McVey 6 Andrea Leadsom 4

  • ^ That the two lowest supported contenders are women is solely down to the quality of their proposals, nothing to do with the innate sexism of the Tory party, oh no.

    Notable to see that the 'Who?' candidate, Harper, might have more support than the 'am I really a Tory' RodRory.

  • Jeremy Hunt @Jeremy_Hunt

    Woke up this morning and felt a bit like the morning of my wedding.
    Something big is going to change but don't quite know how it will
    unfold #HastobeHunt

  • Yet Leadsom is still tracking 3rd at most of the bookies?

  • ?

    The only two female PMs have been Conservatives.

    Or is it some sort of meta sarcasm?

  • The Saj excluded from Trumps state banquet, why could that be? Javid himself (R4) thinks it was due to remarks he’d made about racism.

  • I'd say that Esther McVey at least has been impressively shit in a sea of shit.

    Given that in the last run-off the final two candidates were both female the innate sexism argument is a difficult one to swing.

  • It's not that big a market, a few hefty bets could have skewed it compared to the reality.

  • they may be female, but they are definitely not feminists.

  • Any evidence either female Tory PM, in any way advanced Womens' Rights?

  • Didn't they have a black candidate at one stage?

  • They're all vacuous spunk spittoons, regardless of sex,race,belief,etc.

    I'm an equal opportunities hater, when it comes to Tories

  • on to round two

  • Nice. Rory through

  • My mind boggles that 27 other Tory MPs,
    (assuming the candidates voted for themselves),
    thought that McVey, Leadsom or Harper
    had credible polices for brexit and beyond.

    Too much to hope that this signifies the end of the Cabinet career of McVey and Leadsom.

  • Sorry I miss-read your comment;

    ^ That the two lowest supported contenders are women is solely down to the quality of their proposals, nothing to do with the innate sexism of the Tory party, oh no.

    as inferring that the Conservative Party is innately sexist, and as a result is unlikely to select females as leaders - regardless of their merits/qualifications for PM.

    My mistake.

  • Funny isn't it. Everything I've every seen/heard/read about him suggests he is 100% pro-immigration and FOM.

  • Sold his soul to fulfil his destiny of becoming prime minister. Seems to be working for him.

    Part of me will be pleased he gets it - I think he will be awful and ultimately unsuccessful, and that this is whats needed before we can try and hit the reset button.

    It is quite a gamble though. I'd rather not feel like we're gambling on it going sufficiently wrong for him.

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Boris leadership 2019

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