Boris leadership 2019

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  • This deserves a thread as we struggle to find the next PM

    The race for the summit is on. Let's see who gets there for 15 minutes before being taken out by the next blizzard.

  • Pundits are reminding us that the favourite seldom wins.
    Hard to see an underdog, (Major, May), emerging through this crowded field.

  • Aren't all Tory's twats ???

  • None of them is my preference. But forced to choose one I'd want someone like Ken Clarke. Basing this entirely on his Brexit stance. I'm sure he's done and said horrible things prior. He is, after all, a Tory.

    Maybe they could try and tempt Nick Boles back.

  • Most of this: Tory Leadership 2016 is still relevant.

  • .

  • It really does feel like 3-2-1 cunt-off has been called. The horrible way in our echo chamber we are looking for the least abhorrent character (and are struggling to work this out) yet are presuming the tories are likely to go for some nut job.

    On the Bristol chart we are hoping for someone solid and well formed but fear for the bloody brown liquid of campylobacter.

  • The least shitty* of all the runners and riders seems to be Rory Stewart, so of course he has zero chance of either getting to the final 2, and if he did get there winning the head to head with the membership.

    • A very low bar
  • There is the slight mitigating factor that after the risible election of Ian Duncan Smith to the leadership by the deluded Tory membership,
    there has been an unwritten agreement amongst the Conservative MPs,
    ushered in by Cameron, (who was elected by Party members),
    that the membership will never again be trusted with electing the leader.

    Remember it was the first proper interview with the (supposedly) serious Press that sunk
    Leadsom's campaign in 2016.

  • Aren't all Tory's twats ???


  • Johnson is being very quiet. I imagine he's doing his usual trick of waiting for some sense of policy consensus to emerge, and then he'll pop up with the same message but use his funny words to try to make it seem like it's his own distinct idea.

  • Johnson and Trump, is Mars ready for human habitation yet?

  • Rory Stewart is worth a punt I reckon. Good backstory, done proper jobs, marginally less of a cunt.

  • there has been an unwritten agreement amongst the Conservative MPs,
    ushered in by Cameron, (who was elected by Party members),
    that the membership will never again be trusted with electing the leader.

    There've been a lot of noises over the past few years though that the next leader will go to the members again (although I imagine the MPs will whittle down the choice somewhat).

  • Dominic Raab for similar reasons.

    The more I look at the list though, the more Javid seems like the sensible choice.

    Regardless of Brexit, the next GE isn't a million miles away and the new leader need to be someone who can get a proper majority for them... which then brings me back around to BJ * shudders * .

  • heard a story at the weekend of a labour type joining up to the cons so they can have a say who is leader
    then another news article saying tory membership has had a very large surge in the last couple of weeks

    labour trying to stop boris ?

  • Except Raab is a full blown libertarian type and Stewart seems more centrist.

    My understanding was that Raab's "real life experience" was just doing a training contract at a city law firm but not staying on at the end. Doesn't speak volumes...

  • Place your bets

  • More like ex-ukippers trying to take back control. By taking control of something else and then ignoring calls for moderation, sense, or democracy.

  • I'm hearing Raab can actually turn his head 360 degrees like an owl but he's saving that for a later video

  • Savage Javid..... I'm calling it......

  • He's doing it a bit wrong, but Rory Stewart just suggested putting the deal to a Citizen Assembly.

    "Stewart said he would take any proposed deal to a citizens’ assembly.

    He said it would be a “jury of 500 ordinary people, we would go out to them and they would sit and take evidence in public, sitting seven days a week, and they would talk about the detailed issues of Brexit, hearing from the experts and … they would make the recommendations back to parliament”.

    He pointed out that a similar process was used to find a solution to the issue of abortion in Ireland. “Look how well it worked in Ireland. I think it would work here too."

  • I like the idea, not sure it would resolve the deadlock though.

  • What has Raab ever done? I fail to see how he's being considered as one of the front runners.

    He's young. Thats about all he has going for him.

  • This is surprisingly progressive for Tories. Lets wait for them to fuck it up now.

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Boris leadership 2019

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