Recommendations for cooking equipment

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  • As we've discussed previously, I found it hard to go back to the trangia once I experienced the speed that water will boil via the cannister systems, but do feed back!

  • Yeah, I can understand that. But we were cooking slow anyway due to only have one pot so I wonder if boil time will annoy me that much? I also want to get one of those heat exchanger pots like I showed you that will reduce boil time quite substantially.

    Last minute (as is the way with me) buying of canisters also problematic and what do you do when they're empty? They're like the cooking equivalent of CO2 carts that I'm keen to avoid if possible. The piezo starter and simplicity of your MSR thing was pretty trick though... damn it!

  • I have one of these, it works well if you have a good wind shield.

  • It's why I was more interested in the Trangia Triangle. Also stores flat and is much more shielded by default

  • You can repurpose a car windscreen reflector to make a pot cosy, if you have food that you want to simmer. We use one for our diy dehydrated meals if we need more than a pot's worth of water. (boil and divide into bowls and put bowls in cosy). Keeps food hot hot for about 20 minutes.

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  • Fair enough!

  • Soto windmaster was a revelation for fast boiled water!

  • Unless you're doing a VERY long tour I think a full canister will comfortably last you the trip and you can dispose of responsibly when you get home. I get that point tho, but if you're doing that sort of extreme tour you probably have the carrying capacity to deal with it. The speed does annoy me when you're tired and have a reason to want a reasonably speedy departure or to get some food in your before the rain comes etc. Not tried the trangia triangle tho, might help. I mean, the answer is probably get both, you can brew up whilst making porridge and have a race to see whose system works better...

  • That does look great, but not cheap! I'm happy with the speed I get from my simple canister options. Its the trangia that can feel like its taking forever at times...

  • That's an option. We only had the one pot and one spork. I ran out of time to sort out more. Could've taken a ti mug but didn't want to danglemug. Hindsight is wonderful..

  • It was my birthday present for this year hah.

  • There's lots of videos on youtube of "which thing boils quicker" and I think it's basically Jetboil > MSR types > Trangia. I just thought I could make up a bit of the ground that the Trangia loses to the cart systems with a slightly heavier pot and more efficient heat xfer.

    I've just unpacked the Trangia. Might spark it up shortly. Wish my eyebrows luck...

  • Took maybe 9min to boil 400ml in the kettle. The whole setup is a bit big for what I want but the burner itself seems pretty cool. The tea (pukes on cock) was tasty apparently.

  • Recently purchased a Bushcraft Essential Bushbox ultralight to use with an Esbit stove. I have only used few times but so far happy with it. I have a relatively narrow 750 ml pot and with the alcohol stove the flames lick the sides of the pot and it's not as efficient as with a larger diameter pot. An advantage of the Bushbox is that you can purchase additional ash-tray to put at the bottom and then use it with solid fuel tablets or even make your own fire with twigs (if location and conditions are appropriate to do so safely). If it is windy, you definitely need some sort of windscreen.

    Like the Tangria triangle you can carry it flat, takes 1 minute to assemble and weights 70 grs.

    Since this is not designed especifically to use with alcohol stove, there is a trick to put out the flame: just remove the inner rubber seal of the stove's lid and slide it through the open side panel to place it on top of the stove.

  • Could work as an alternative. It has the top piece which would help if you're just taking a mug or small pot that doesn't fit over the top. If you were using a bigger pot you could just drop the Trangia shield/lid on the top to put it out without trying to slot it in.
    I hate how expensive these things are for some pressed steel. If I was back home I'm sure I could get someone to make me something for fuck all out of offcuts or something.

  • I can recommend the trangia triangle. I’ve been using one for years.
    Also I’ve found that some fuels burn hotter/faster than others. There’s probably comparisons online somewhere.

  • Yep and if you add a little water you can avoid sooting.

    This bloke has been using bioethanol in his alco burner, though I'm not sure where to get that yet:­Wuc

  • Blacks have some decent priced canisters at the moment.

  • @hippy sorry, a bit late to the party. Blacks do 1litre bottles of Vango branded bioethanol.

    For cooking I swear by my Trangias. I’ve got the 25 & 27, both ancient and have had the pans replaced over the years. Both currently sport the hard ano finished pans. I’ve cut out a small hole in the base to use the gas burner though rarely do, the alcohol burner is good enough. The later stoves have the appropriate hole in them from the factory. You can buy the genuine Trangia gas burner, I bought a generic one from Aliexpress, looks identical and works well.

    The multi disc is a great investment for the 25/27. Packs inside the lid and makes an ideal chopping board and useful strainer.

  • I bought myself a Soto Windmaster for the canisters but I'm also planning on getting a Trangia and some kind of collapsible stand like the Trangia Triangle. The kits are too big for what I do but with a little pot stand and a wind shield they'd be banging.

  • This was my set up with a trangia burner and pot stand from Amazon. Works well enough for the intended purpose! Not going to be cooking huge meals on it, but a lot smaller than a trangia­dth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium

  • Yeah that's kinda the setup I'm after. Just can't find the bits I want. Kinda stopped looking for a bit though.

  • Think it’s a Lixada brand pot stand, but lots out there if you don’t mind Amazon:­-Steaming-Titanium-Stainless/dp/B06WW3MT­KL

    Windshield was whatever Alpkit did at the time: Looks to be on offer at the moment.

    stove is your standard trangia burner, but using the pot stand does negate the ability to use the simmer lid

  • The full kits are certainly bigger and heavier than a minimalist set up. I do like being a bit fancier with my cooking and am prepared to put up with the resulting bulk.

    If size and weight were an issue I’d do something similar.

  • The hippy does not 'simmer'.


    Thanks for the info, I'll have a look.

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Recommendations for cooking equipment

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