Wanted: Rent a Car. One Day. 26 May

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  • Hey,

    Found a bike on a forum, it is in Manchester but postage is not an option. Trying my luck on finding someone in London willing to lend a car. Zipcar and similar platforms are expensive – cost around £160 for a day, all included

    Although, I am not sure how insurance works in this country... But I've been on LFGSS for a while if that helps :) Have driving license for more than 10 years, no penalties

    Price: Can pay up to £80 (depends on a car) + A car will be returned with the same amount of petrol in a tank
    Date: Sunday 26 May 8:30am – Sunday 26 May 10:00pm
    Distance: Up to 450 miles (London – Manchester – London)

    Any help welcomed!


  • train?

  • I’ve used Drivy a few times - very simple and easy to use. Much cheaper than Zipcar for a whole day / weekend.

    Here’s a code that’ll get us both £20 credit.

  • I'm sure you'll get a car from Hertz or Enterprise for a lot less than £80.

  • Although, I am not sure how insurance works in this country.

    Is that code for "I'm going to drive your car uninsured"

  • I am suggesting to have a look at the insurance specs and make sure it lets an other person but not only you be using a car

  • I checked Drivy – cheapest option is £165.
    £62 for a car + £70 for distance (350 x £0.2) + £35 petrol

    Zipcar starts from £195

    Train is £90 + all the hassle trying to get to specific place which is 40mins drive from Manchester

  • I was thinking the same. But the numbers are: Enterprise £155, Hertz £230

  • I am suggesting to have a look at your insurance specs and make sure it lets other persons be using your car

    As I understand it, only someone who has an insurance policy of their own which has a 'driving other cars' allowance can drive other cars.

    I don't think there is such as thing as 'other drivers driving your car' cover. Additionally, if you had a policy with driving other cars cover, you'd only be insured 3rd party so you'd be asking quite a lot for someone to lend you their car.

    Some insurers will add a named driver for a short period of time.

    Or you could take out a policy for someone else's vehicle and cancel it the next day and you might get a full refund.

    I did something like this for a motorbike I bought before I'd sold the previous one and I got like a 90% refund after a week or so.

  • You can check Turo, previously known easycarclub. You rent a car from someone basically, all insurance etc. Most of them have 200 miles limit but if you look around, some have unlimited or you pay extra. https://turo.com/c/andriuss22 referral should give £25 off on the first booking. I got away using WV Polo for one day, done 200 miles trip, £22 car + £24 fuel with first booking discount, as long as you are happy to get a car from somewhere further (I cycled and then loaded the bike and made my journey where needed).

  • If you can get to Stansted, rentalcars.com had some for less than a tenner.

    It only includes 95 miles, but I'm sure you could increase that

  • Train to Manchester then rent a car?

  • man with van?

  • @dicki services?

  • Shiply? Auction delivery prices. I got a table and 4xchairs from Northumberland to London for £50

  • Where is the bike? Might be able to help with collection if you can wait...pm me

  • Again - I’m near Manchester and will try and help a fellow forumer if I can. PM me.

  • Loads of useful information here. Hopefully it will help someone in a future like it helped me this time. Many thanks to everyone

    Found a friend who needs to collect the bike (Alchemy!) from Leicester which is on a way to Manchester. We're spliting the bill – that doesn't hurt that much anymore. We ended up getting a car from drivy.co.uk. Journey should cost us around £150 (with £20 discount)

  • Trains to Manchester from London can easily be £70-£80 at short notice (I was checking the other day and it wasnwell over £90 to Preston).
    I would have said get MegaBus there and possibly train back if the Mega bus wouldn't allow you to put the bike in the hold for journey back.
    Glad you got sorted but local car hire companies with 'older' cars can be far cheaper for rentals.

  • Seems to me you could have got it for half that if you weren’t so set on getting a car

  • Fair point on me being set on getting a car. I wanted to be sure that I will be on time where I need to be. And travel comfortably. Nonetheless, road trips are not eco-friendly but always a good time

    Although, we ended up paying £190 / 95 each... It's £15 more than a cheapest train ticket for that day. @PhilDAS what kind of options specifically you're talking about?

  • I will definitely do a better research on a car rental companies next time. As I believe we payed a lot as for a one day and 450 miles

  • what kind of options specifically you're talking about?

    Well I haven’t looked at many but for example I could book a coach to Manchester leaving tomorrow for £14
    You’d only have to get the train on the way back but I reckon you could get a frameset on the coach

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Wanted: Rent a Car. One Day. 26 May

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