2019-05-22 - Rider down (fatality) - Glasgow

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  • I just tried to work out how this happened but couldn't find any very informative articles:



    From the Herald story:

    One shop worker on Pollokshaws Road told us what he heard.

    He said: “We heard the horn which is quite normal for the cross, but we didn’t hear the crash from the cars which you’d usually expect. It was just silence.

    “That’s when we realised it must have been a cyclist. Then we saw all the police and everything outside.


    “The police have asked us for our CCTV which faces down Pollokshaws Road. I think the truck was coming up the road and turning left.”

    It's unclear whether the lorry was coming along Pollokshaws Road or Nithsdale Drive and whether it's the lorry in the pictures. It may either have turned from Calder Street into Pollokshaws Road south or from Pollokshaws Road south into Nithsdale Drive (sharp turn). It sounds a little as if it may have been the latter, but it's not possible to tell. Either way, the lorry driver clearly turned left across the path of the rider. Also no info on whether they moved off from a stationary position or whether traffic was free-flowing along their alignment when they crashed.

    RIP unknown rider.

  • I don't know which turning was involved in this incident, but your description of the junction is incorrect.

    Nithsdale Drive and Calder Street are both one way heading west - the only left turns at that junction are from Calder St to Pollokshaws Rd or Pollokshaws Rd to Nithsdale St. There's a left filter lane on the end of Calder St but it starts very close to the junction, so most drivers begin to turn left from the middle (straight ahead) lane. It is a horrible junction for cyclists.

    There's been a lot of new cycling infrastructure put into the southside of Glasgow recently but it's all radial to the centre of town, and there are very few cycle-friendly routes to go east-west in the southside.

  • Thanks for the correction--I got my street names mixed up. Edited.

  • From what I've heard, truck was sitting at the lights on Calder st, in the left lane with intention to turn left (not sure whether indicating or not). Cyclist approached and stopped at lights on the left side of the truck, intending to go straight. Very sad scenario, there was a vigil and a ghost bike has been placed.

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2019-05-22 - Rider down (fatality) - Glasgow

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