Hello all,

    I am speculatively selling my beloved chrome hearse, a silver 2001 Passat Estate.
    I say speculatively because I am currently waiting on the arrival of a new vehicle and I can't be completely sure when it will arrive - though I expect it'll be 4-6 weeks.

    The vehicle in question has done almost 190,000 miles in its 18 year life and has all the marks and scars to prove it. As such, I offer it here more as a sacrifice than a gift. Unless someone is interested in throwing their bikes in the back and living the rad-dad lifestyle, she'll be off to the scrapheap in the sky.

    As such, I'm only asking £200 - just enough to cover the cost of her last service/MOT that took place in March.

    A few details:

    • Reflex Silver
    • 2.0L Petrol
    • Full service history
    • Electric Windows
    • Missing trim
    • ULEZ compliant!

    In the last 18 months or so, I've added:

    • New touchscreen stereo (it's crap, but has bluetooth! - April '18)
    • New front brake discs and pads (July '18)
    • New coolant tank (August '18)
    • Steel rims (December '18) - Alloys were degraded
    • DS rear light cluster replaced (Jan '19)
    • A load of stickers in the back windows

    This is a shed. As such, the steering is a little wonky, the engine light is on and the suspension has seen better days. I honestly believe though that you could spend a wonderful summer with it as your campsite companion and never have any trouble at all. If that sounds good to you, feel free to register your interest.

    In the meantime, I'll give it a clean up and try and get some updated photographs taken. Here's an old one to be going on with.. look, see, it's a car!:


    All the best,

  • @cjr and me would like to register our interest, pending insurance cost etc. Could be the next LFGSS.CC Hill Climb Support Vehicle.

  • Second dibs as well.

  • keep this car alive people.

  • Got any photos of the rear window stickers?

  • Me!! Where are you located?

  • Thanks for the interest, everyone and for your support @jonny .
    Reg number available via PM if you want to check the insurance costs etc for yourself.
    VED is around £250 p/a, I think.

  • Can’t justify it I’m afraid, all yours @Wyshniukas

  • That sounds like quite a lot for tax, my dirty disel Octavia is under £200 and certainly isn’t ULEZ compliant, considering both are based on emissions, although this is 5 years older.

  • Bit of a thread hijack... but if anybody is interested in a 'support' car I have a 2004 Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0Hdi - which can get two bikes - standing up (front wheels removed) in the back with seats down. 122k, MoT'd until July/Aug. Thing is, the car needs a new clutch :( First £200 gets it

  • It's actually £315.00 this year according to the VCA.
    It is a lot of money, but it's early emissions testing, 2.0L engine and unleaded fuel.
    Still, you're basically paying nothing for the car so it's not much in comparison.

    To be clear - Ideally, I want to cover costs of the last service / MOT, but being that I can get £99 for it being scrapped, I'm willing to take as little as £100. I would just rather it lived on, even for a little time and provided someone with a nice summer trip or something. It's a great car that simply feels like a waste to scrap, when it might give some joy.

  • These Passats were the car I used to want to have if I ever became a responsible grown-up.

    3rd dibs or whatever number we're at now

  • It's a lot of machine for the money. Seems insane that 20 years ago, my family wouldn't have been able to afford one and now I'm selling one myself for basically no money at all. Weird, but I guess that's how those things work.

  • Dude you will sell this . And give someone some joy. if all the dibs fall through though please let me know.

  • Cheers, fella!

  • Finally, some photos.
    I realise I forgot to mention that it was debaged and dewipered, with metal printed number plates. Interesting stuff.

    Yes, I had just had it washed so don't expect this level of cleanliness upon collection.

  • There was meant to be a picture in there with the seats down..

  • I had one of these, the engine light is probably because of a split breather pipe.. easy fix.

  • Did this sell?

  • From memory that was actually what was fixed last year (which was having slightly more serious effects). Whatever is causing the light to be on now doesn't appear to be doing much at all.

  • No. In that I need to wait until it's replacement arrives before I can actually pass it on.

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FS: Volkswagen Passat Estate, 2001 - #bangernomics

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