Rider down moped attack, others beware!

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  • Speaking from my hospital bed I was targeted this afternoon and then pushed off by a gang maybe 5 or 6 teenagers on mopeds just past cheam going towards Epsom.
    Have a broken collarbone and some busted ribs, thankfully many people stopped to help.
    Not sure if they were going to try steal my bike or just pushed me off for fun.
    Anyway if you ride in that area be aware.

  • fucking hell, get well soon

  • Damn. That’s awful. Best wishes. Bastards.

  • fucking hell...its rough around Epsom...apparently..
    hope you heal soon - console yourself with the thought that if thats the way those little cunts behave their lives must be pretty shit already and their futures will probably be more miserable than any short term punishment you might wish to infect upon them.

  • Epsom... I thought those parts were a suburban wet dream. Suppose there are rough and smooth all over.
    Heal up soon ...hope the scumbags get what they deserve..cowards to target a lone cyclist.

  • Sorry to read this.

    I’m 5 1/2 weeks into my ribs healing (4 #s).
    First few weeks are the worst then it will pick up.

    Oromorph was a big help if you can be prescribed it!

    Good luck

  • I've only just seen this. I assume the police were called?

    Heal up soon!

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Rider down moped attack, others beware!

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