Fixed/Single Speed* overnighter to Deal on the South East coast.

    June 8

    Like Dunwich Dynamo with less dorks and more interesting things to see(ride is purposely designed to dissuade chain-gangs).

    Ends at pub with full breakfast menu and pints on tap.

    166.6KM mainly traffic-free.
    5km gravel + 1km grass sections.
    23c tires OK.

    Be self-sufficient and bring adequate clothing.
    Good countryside lights are a must.
    Beer, spirits, food and sports gels/bars as required..

    Fast-social pace, nobody left behind.
    We want to stick together as much as possible and leaders will wait at non-obvious forks in the road and corners.

    (BUT) If you are seriously dragging the group you will be off-loaded at a train station.
    There are plenty enroute (including a midnight service from Gravesend). (BUT II) You may have a long wait as trains down there resume at 07:30 on Sunday morning.

    LONDON - Woolwich - Gravesend - Rochester - Rainham - Faversham - Whitstable - Herne Bay - Margate - Ramsgate - Sandwich - DEAL

    GPX will be posted here closer to the date.

    Bike, body and brain could be tested : No crybabies, No crap equipment!

    Meet Victoria Park - The Royal Inn on the Park
    Start time 20:00 (meet 19:00)
    SOUTHIES MEET-UP : 21:00 South Tunnel Entrance Woolwich


    1. Geared riders to the back of field (I want to enjoy the silence of the night without your freehub ruining it)
    2. On descents give clear warning (on right, stay etc.). Always pass on far right
    3. Don't sprint off at the bottom of a descent. Slow down and let the group come back together


    Sunrise is 04:44 on the Sunday.

    Group-save on the trains home.

  • Is this June or August?

  • June.

    Just using the standard forum date scheme!

  • Tested the bike I am taking with a spin around town today.

    70.5 GI and 25C tyres seem like a pretty good choice for this ride.

  • sounds great, i reckon id be keen, just gotta make sure im around :)

  • Looking like about £20 group-save on a no-change return train.

  • Gpx available here, except the start point is Victoria Park - The Royal Inn on the Park and there might be some tweaks on the way.

  • All the weather services seem to agree, should be good tonight.

  • I'll be a the pub in half an hour. This should be fun!

  • Tailwind.

  • The perils of group rides with people half your age and twice your fitness.

    Good, fast and competent crew of riders, no mechanical stops.

    First 80KM leading the ride was great then I hit my own limit (I hardly ride these days and work from home..). Luckily a few people knew the way, and as the ride advertised they did wait at the top of the hills.

    For the last 40 or so I was yo-yoing off the back but it was still a great night out.

    Weather was fine, made good time, a little cold, the pub food was welcome.

    Everybody but me slept on the train home.

  • Strava link if anyone is interested.

  • John you have a GPX file of this I can use? Looks a lot nicer than the usual ride I usually do when I head down to Margate 😓

  • First 80KM leading the ride was great then I hit my own limit


  • That iteration is slightly-tweaked from the version here.

    Give me a couple of days and I'll either update the route on Bikemap.net or somehow extract a .gpx from Strava.

  • Thanks John

  • thanks to John and everyone for a great ride

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  • Ask me about the 'Not safe for Sunday best bike bits..'

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