• Switching out a few things, so it’s time to move these on

    ILE Default backpack, Black
    25 litre double walled backpack, so many features it’s tough to know where to start
    It’s in very good condition, no major marks and all zips, buckles and webbing In fully functioning condition
    Minor wear to the top binding on the inside top pockets but other than that a solid 8/10 based on usage

    Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones
    NOT the wireless version, these are wired
    Sound is immense, comfort is superb and they’re a damn fine set of headphones
    The inline remote on the cable works, but the rear cover got damaged inflight - I’d suggest replacing the cable (a half decent upgrade cable can be had on an amazon search) though current condition doesn’t affect sound performance
    To reflect that, £75.00

    Based in E5, work EC1..... I’ll get photos up in the next day or so

  • Which series are the P5s? Series 1 or two?

  • Series 1 I believe.

  • Link to the backpack here - https://microco.sm/out/v6pQh

    Drop to £110.00

    Headphones available after a brief pause

  • Tempted by the backpack, I've owned for 6 years and it's still going strong despite daily use and a lot of abuse, probably the single best product I've ever bought full stop! GLWS

  • Have to agree the build quality is immense, so reliable and worth the original investment - give me a shout if you’re keen Squire

  • is the backpack the one with molle webbing?

  • If it is, do you fancy a swap for a MW vandal in black cordura. Don't have cause to carry as much nowadays.

  • It’s not, this is version 1. Top flap is roll too with no additional webbing, the lower front panel has the original zip pocket

    Pm if interested Squire

  • Backpack drops to an even £100


  • Dibs called on backpack and headphones by pm

  • My bro would be interested in second dibs on the backpack. Cheers. T

  • Thanks @tomsvoboda, the bag sold this morning. Apologies, M

  • Road runner burrito supreme handlebar bag
    So simple to fit, decent volume for tools, food, phone and a pack jacket
    In 8/10 condition.
    Specs as per link - https://velotastic.co.uk/product/parts_a­nd_accessories/luggage/road-runner-burri­to-supreme-bag/


  • Dibs called on the road runner bag. Pending pick up

  • Pics of headphones

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OT - bags, and a few other bits Black - Bowers and Wilkins P5

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