Langster (2013) - Cable Guides

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  • Bought a second hand langster off fleabay to use as a beater for the next couple of years - I'm transitioning from fully geared road bikes so riding it single speed with brakes.

    Problem is the previous owner has removed the cable guides underneath the top tube, so I'm left with 3 small holes - any suggestions for replacements?

    At the moment I have the cable secured with electrical tape, wouldn't mind getting the actual brackets if they exist somewhere - haven't managed to find any so far! any help would be appreciated

  • Picture for reference (not mine but same model)

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    • Langster Brake Cable Guide Ref.jpg
  • Look for clamp-on / stick-on housing guides (Problem Solvers do them, other brands available).

  • Thanks Lolo - had a quick look on problemsolvers (will remember them next time I need an obscure part!) I'm trying to avoid the band-on / clamp style guides if possible, not a fan of how they look.

    The closest thing I could find was:­brakes/housing_guides_-_24569

    But obviously need something where the guide is perpendicular to the fixing, could you elaborate on the other brands / stockists you know about?

  • Ideally something like this:­n-cable-guide-5mm-98647

    Just without having to pay the value of the item over again for shipping from Germany

  • I was thinking a clamp like this :

    Or this:

    SJS Cycles is usually the go-to place for small gubbins like this.

  • Get a bike shop to pop rivet some back on if you say you have the holes.

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Langster (2013) - Cable Guides

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