• going to close this, tidy up and post new thread for frame and parts

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  • Bargain. Why isn't it bigger?

  • Pm with you on the chainset.

  • Dibs wheels if you’re happy to split - sending PM now!

  • Dibs super record shifters..pm incoming

  • any interest in complete bike? Split is looking likely at the moment

  • how tall are you ? bb to saddle height in the pic ?

  • I am about 176cm tall, will get back to you with the bike measurement between bb to saddle.

    I had a bike fit with that set up, and discovered I have short legs for my size, and normal length arms or long arms and short legs. If that helps any

  • Ok too small then. Definitly 56 in cervelos..

  • I am between sizes with r3 they said at my fit. You can try more low and pro
    I measured it about 78cm between BB and top of saddle.

  • 78cm saddle height at 176cm and they said you had short legs ?

  • Compared to my arms yes, why I have an inline seat post - I think thats what they suggested. From centre off BB top of saddle, I have attached a picture

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  • The end of an era!

    Bump for a jolly nice chap

  • Dibs saddle and pedals if you split.

  • Second dibs on the pedals

  • It is going to be split, wheels, chainset, shifters all dibsdeded up

  • its split up, and price drop in frameset


FS: Cervelo R3 54cm, Campagnolo groupset, fulcrum wheels

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