• Mods. I checked the rules and wondered if this was ok. Sincere apologies if not.

    Tentatively, before I try and sell it properly, I want to post this. This is a 2006 Renault Scenic Grande. It is in pretty sound condition apart from a suspected fuel pump failure which means it doesn’t start.. I tried to run this on WVO and the Fuel system was a bit fragile to take it. I had the injectors checked earlier this year and a new pump put in. I should have sold it on then but I persisted because the circumstances of the failure were complicated and I frankly crossed my fingers hoping it would work because in every other respect we loved this car. When it was in the garage we were told it was otherwise very clean and good. Since I have had it it has had new brake pads and rotors, new wheel bearings, new cambelt- other stuff I can’t remember. There are two advisory notes on the mot which will need attention soon. Neither major.
    I am committed to alternative fuels so I am selling but I believe once back to diesel this car will run and run. You see tons around.
    Bikes go in with front wheel off, no need for any other adjustments with room for at least three at a time. It is extremely comfortable too and I have heard very safe.
    I have had quotes for a fix for between 300 and 1000 pounds. Depending, it seems, on whether the garage in question can recondition the pump themselves, replace with a scrap pump or recon pump sourced from elsewhere or fit an entirely new one.
    I am placing the car here for £500 in case anyone either has means to fix it themselves or has a plan.
    Pm for many pics

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  • That doesn't seem London to me or even UK :)

    Where is this based?
    Not interested, but might help.

  • Haha! No it’s a holiday snap. Car is in East Kent near A2 / popular bike route / train station. I would do anything I can to help anyone who wanted to take this on, could even shuttle you and tools down in another car. I would love to see it go to a good home. Also, on the Megane 2 owners forum there is a good description of pump replacement job by a guy who bought a pump from a scrap yard for £62. He says it isn’t too difficult a job.

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FS misc/OT Car, great for transporting bikes/ families, needs fixing

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