Kalavinka disc brake fixie

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  • Here's my baby after much searching for a 1" disc brake threadless fork (found on US eBay- Bike Nashbar carbon CX fork).
    Kalavinka road frame built in 1986, had new seat post and track ends put on 2009.

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  • Love it

  • Thanks! It's getting dialled in. Very happy with stem and bars, been searching for the right rise/ width etc.

  • Ready to ride. Needs true disc rotors.... Slight rub at the moment.

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  • Lush...

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  • How is that rear caliper bracket fixed to the frame? Surely not only at the track ends?

  • It’s just a slider for sliding dropouts no?

  • Like this?

    Looks sketchy as hell if you ask me, especially so far back in the track ends.

  • The king of Photoshop reigns supreme.

  • rather than disc rub think there might be a bigger issue in that the disc in no where near the caliper...

  • That's to reduce the forces on the adaptor :)

  • Mere details.

  • A track axle is so big in diameter it takes up the whole height of the track end though. Notice how the screws in your picture are quite a bit smaller, in order to leave room for material around the holes in which they go.

    I don't see how it can be anything other than my drawing. Unless I'm missing something.

  • Yeah I mean the ones I posted have a vertical dropout too so it’s not the same thing I realise but an adapted version or it’s full custom made

  • I bet you're right. Pretty much exactly like my drawing.

  • That looks sketchy as fuck.

    Amazon confirms:

    Question: What keeps this from spinning as you apply the brakes? Only the raised piece in the axle slot? Does that work well enough?
    Answer: It's strong enough, it still holds and i use it on a motorized bike

  • It's for decoration only because the pads can't even touch the disc

  • Actually it works pretty well. Did a night jaunt to check it out this evening. I guess I'm not as hardcore as you guys. I'm pretty happy with it.

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  • That's the one, but the hole for the axle needed opening to 10mm from 9mm.

  • The pads touch the disc because I put spacers (easy to see as they are red) to move the caliper towards the hub. By no means decorative only. Works fine (at the moment!!).

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Kalavinka disc brake fixie

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