Orbea road bike

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  • hi! i´new here , i´m converting an old road bike in a singlespeed , its an orbea , to move around the town .

    the first changes have been the wheels , i bought a 50 mm second hand ones for 50€ , and i started to dissasembly all the parts , the fork also i have bought because as show in the picture its blended :

    i have bought this vitus straight fork , it weights 530gr, the old was 870gr :

  • some spare parts are coming :

  • tryvativ handlebar, 170 gr uncut , and for 5€

  • looks cool; you going to paint it too?

  • That frame looks crashed.
    Have you got a side on photo from about the same height as the bike?

  • ^ I was thinking the same

  • i´ll sand it a little and repaint in the same color .

  • i checked it and it seems ok, I'll take a photo when I pick it up from the store, and i´ll ask for it to the shop guy .

  • after 3 weeks in the shop the guy say me that the fork hasn´t enough thread and he hasnt the tool to make it . I´m searching a shop in madrid where they do this work .
    We inspect the inside of the frame and its in good condition .
    At least i get remove the conection rod pin , i had to use blowtorch

  • and all dissasembly , ready for paint

    also i received the rest of the brakes :

  • painted!! sorry for the photo quality

  • i have received all the stuff left :

    • 1" seat post
    • 1" threat-ahead adaptader
    • singlespeed chain with fast conector
    • bearing kit for the bottom bracket
    • new headseat
    • 2 new 9mm rod pin

  • yesterday i started to make the brake adapter , this little piece cost 22€:

    im filing this aluminion block :

  • Why do you need a brake adapter?

  • because the modern brakes are shorter than the old ones, only 1cm more or less .

    in this photo it can be seen better,this is a foldable bike but is the same :

  • Not to be a dick, but why haven't you used a long reach caliper instead? Much cheaper method while looking cleaner as well if you ask me.

  • The whole project seems a little, er, misguided tbh.

  • Yes tbh I think it's a bit of a waste to spend money on this old low end frame

  • Not that low end, it has forged dropouts, proper brake bridge etc. It's just old as hell I reckon, probably late 70s. It can be a lovely commuter, the only aspect I don't get is the brake...

  • because at the begining i didnt know this, and after, in Spain the people have scrap but they think they have a jewel, and they are selling the old caliper for 20 € or more , i bought this for only 8€, its stronger, more efficient and lighter .

  • i had the frame , that its the more expensive, the rest of the bike cost me 140€ more or less, 45€ wheels, 45 € fork, 30€ the last order , the seat 8€ , and the full brakes 15€ , for this price i didnt find anything with almost 50mm wheels .
    All are classic bikes with normal rims and 15 kg .

  • Okay:) that's not too bad!

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Orbea road bike

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