Hovis builds a garden office*

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  • Couple of hours with a spade and I've more or less reached that conclusion too. Will look into hiring a micro digger. Anyone got a recommendation in SE london?

    Also, this network of roots, it won't be a problem for the digger I presume?

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  • Depends how big a digger you get and how big the roots are. A micro digger will get those out, just may be a bit of a pain of digging round them and trying to either cut them or get the teeth underneath and pull. Get the biggest digger you can fit, the bigger it is the more stable it is, I have driven everything from 0.7 tonne up to 20 tonne, and the 0.7s are the easiest to go wrong in!

  • Show us your digger.

  • It’s old and a bit rough round the edges but it digs and digs...

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  • Livin' the dream.

  • Epic day with all the power tools today. This 70 year old Ash tree stump is an absolute beast.

    Big shout out to @TTM and his kango skills for making short work of the concrete wall.

    Tomorow this stump comes out

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  • My entire upper body aches. Fun though

  • This is the only way I know how to remove a stump

  • Ha, I gave up and went down a not dissimilar route.

    Cut a vertical hole with the chainsaw down the centre, and a few with a drill, a couple of sideways entries at the base for ventilation, filled it with white spirit and lit it. Shoved some coals on there for good measure and then surrounded with wood for maximum fire.

    Didn't have a chance to look at it this morning but I hope its hollowed out at least. This thing has broken me.

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  • Had a little helper with the digging too.

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  • You have just dug a giant cat toilet though

  • Better there than the plant pots in the house.

  • Did it die?

    Got to do this myself soon. Albeit on smaller younger (fast growth) trees.

    If you have to do it again I hear some kind of barrier (to concentrate the burn) and maybe an air source to really get it going.

  • It lives. Fire took out a fair bit with a bit of hollowing, but no where near enough. Will be trying again tonight and sit next to it with the leaf blower.

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  • Hiring a stump grinder would a lot quicker, Shirley?

  • Indeed. £130 for a day or £150 for a weekend from most hire places.

    Would take about 20 minutes to reduce that, and everything 20cm below ground, to nothing.

    We're paying ~£200 for someone to come around and take out about 12 stumps (spread between the gardens of the three flats in this house).

  • Let's just say that if I ever have to remove a tree stump again, I shall be doing it properly with a grinder.

    I elected to do it this way because I wanted to get rid of it a lot deeper than 20cm, (this is nearly a meter below the original ground level), so I had to dig anyway, and after I dug I thought I'll just cut it with my chainsaw then.

    But yeah, dirty wood and chainsaws don't mix. Lesson learnt.

    However, I am happy to report my latest method is working nicely. Thanks @tallsam for the inspiration.

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Hovis builds a garden office*

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