Hovis builds a garden office*

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  • Whoop! This was a pleasant surprise in my feed - glad you like it.

    If anyone else would like something made, just get in touch!

  • Not garden office...

  • Yeah may well be up for something actually! Bathroom cabinet in oak...

  • My favourite material. Just ping me a PM when you're ready.

  • Good spot! I can't take credit for the idea though, (Justin Depew on YT), however can say it makes table saw usage a near dust free experience, which I absolutely love.

  • @Trunkie - I don;t think @Hovis wrapped under his overhang.

    If anything goes wrong, I'm blaming him entirely.

  • I wrapped the fascia's but not under the overhangs.

  • Makes sense - cheers!

  • In other news. Rubber roof has arrived. It's so heavy I can't pick it up.

    I'm in the same boat as this just now.

    I might be able to lift it (with wobbly legs and high risk of dropping it) - But I am utterly fucked if I'm going to try and lift it to roof height.

    And the skylight is even heavier and awkardly shaped.

    How did you manage to lift it?

    I'm considering hiring one of these (the Genie Lift, not the Village People extra):

  • Extra manpower and webbing.

    Helped the builders lift a 220kg 3x1m skylight onto the roof using gymnastic ring straps, scaffold boards and trestles.

  • Oof. Rather you than me!

    I picked up the lift this morning - better £80 hire fee against a £900 smashed window!

  • I'd agree with that, we had 6 people helping get it on the roof.

  • How did you manage to lift it?

    For the window, I constructed a giant ramp out of 2x4's and sheet material and pulled it up with some rope with a helper. It was not easy.

    The Rubber I unwrapped it so it was a roll which I was able to carry one end up a ladder and placed it on the roof, then bit by bit drag the rest up.

    I don't like to hire things, right or wrong if I can get something done with what I have on hand that's generally what I do.

    Aka I'm cheap.

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Hovis builds a garden office*

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