Hovis builds a garden office*

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  • Is there an update on this @Hovis ?

  • I'll try and get an update/final post in next weekend. Need to convince @HoKe to pop over and take some photos first.

  • Use and abuse.

  • So I've finally gotten around to taking some it's finished shots, sorry for the delay. Actually I finished it on new years eve last year and it's been a proper godsend during Covid times.

    Since last time:

    1. Laminate flooring. Not much to say here. It's "floating" on a sheet of 2mm acoustic foam which is in turm on top of some 18mm T&G chipboard flooring that is glued together (and also floating).

    2. Skirting. Made my own out of some strips of 9mm MDF I have been hoarding for years, glad I fought the urge to throw it away. Just a rectangular section with a little groove cut out near the top. I quite like it, however the top surface is a magnet for sawdust.

    3. Window and door reveals. I ended up going OTT complicated with it and made them up with compound angled strips of birch ply, to get a internal mitred frame. They are simply glued on using mitre bond.

    4. Workshopped. It's a work in progress but I have most of what I need to facilitate my furniture side hustle. Made some cabinets for the back wall out of ply, had just enough left offer birch from the walls to make the drawer front. Made a new workbench which I absolutely love, a less portable version of a paulk bench. Dead flat, really handy with the dog holes + track saw and the cubbies are a handy place to keep tools on hand. Got a big old sliding table saw too which is a dream to use vs my old dewalt jobsite saw.

    Overall I'm very happy with this project, some headaches along the way but a real blast to make and now use. I have so many lessons learnt, hopefully I'll remember them when we inevitably move and I make a bigger badder better one.

    Next up is some decking for the front, will post up details when they arrive, and some major landscaping of the garden.

    Oh and shout out again to Ali Dymock's youtube series on his garden office build. Genuinely wouldn't have even attempted this without it.

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  • Action shot

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  • Nice office!

  • Fantastic!

  • Looks great!

  • Nearly the clean sweep.
    If only you were on the turbo too.


  • Awesome

  • If only you were on the turbo too.

    Bro, I thought you knew who I was by now.

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  • Serious stuff. Making things is ONLY a side hustle?!

  • Needs moar cats

    What an excellent build. Bravo!

  • This is amazing, especially post CV19... impeccable timing on finishing it...

  • You have a garage as well?

    Consider my jealousy piqued.

    If nothing else, I'd love to be able to hang a heavy bag somewhere.

    Turbos can >>>>>>>> though

  • Fantastic. So jelly.

  • Where are the bikes?

  • A vacmaster pointed at your face, do you wear sunglasses on the turbo?

  • @TW soz, it's never enough etc etc. I want to go into the loft next.

    @amey In the kitchen obv.

    @Acliff No, my position is so bad that that is upper chest. I normally have an 18inch fan on the floor aimed at my special places too. It's currently in my sons bedroom though, it does an excellent job of drowning out his cries.

  • Excellent Parenting, either they are asleep with the white noise, or they are crying and you can’t hear anyway. Win win.

    My 5 month old will sleep through a fire alarm, but will wake up if I sneeze, even if I try and stop it at the cost of exploding my sinuses. Hay fever doesn’t help.... sawdust probably wouldn’t help me either!

    I’ve built decking at the back of the garden with an over built timber base so that I can take off the decking and build an office in future, yours is a real inspiration!

  • This is awesome... However I think my absolute favourite part is the blade guard/dust extraction on your dimension saw...!

  • This thread popping up again has reminded me to post proof that this incredible workshop had been put to good use. I asked @Hovis to make me a coffee table out of walnut and to say I’m pleased with the result is an understatement.

    Please excuse the phone pics, but I’ve not had time to photograph it properly.

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  • Wow, that looks like a great table!

  • Lovely, but isn't your knob wonky?

  • Story of my life

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Hovis builds a garden office*

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