Hovis builds a garden office*

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  • Congratulations!

    Baby looks OK too ;)

  • Congrats!

    Really happy for you. Hope mum is doing ok, and a massive hat's off to what you've achieved. Well done mate.

  • Well, item 3 puts all the rest of the thread very firmly in the shade. Congratulations!

  • Office looks fantastic!
    Best you find yourself a vacant plot of land and have a go at a self build house!
    Congrats on fatherhood.

  • well done hove

    congrats to the whole fam x

  • Been following this, congratulations on the new arrival.

    You've timed things well!:)

  • Congratulations on your new addition to the family and also on your new office! I think it ought to be easier to get OSB and ply in metric? But maybe if you search for 'drywall' sheets it might show a shop near you that sells american size plasterboard? If not, I wonder if the shop will cut the plasterboard to size for you?
    I also really like your raised bed project. I'm interested to know if you used the dowels to plug the hole to stop the screws from rusting or was it just plugged for aesthetics?

  • Last time I tried to search for imperial sized plasterboard I couldn't find any, I'm not sure what tricks people usually use but if I go down the plasterboard route I'm prepared for 30% board wastage. I sized imperial spacing only for the side walls so it wouldn't be the end of the world.

    For the raised bed, the dowells in for strength. They aren't plugs, rather 500mm long and hammered all the way through to lock the 3 layers of oak together. I used stainless steel screws so I'm not worried about them rusting, but I think with time they will possibly snap due to expansion contraction of the oak. The screws are basically just for assembly, and the dowells give the structure it's real strength, with the added bonus of looking quite nice.

  • Congratulations! Shed looking good too. When the kid turns 18 you can look at its slumped mossy form (yes, the shed, not the kid hopefully) and shed a tear or two before shuffling back to the armchair. 'There goes dad again, crying over that shed he built when you were a baby' etc etc

  • Maybe I'm being naive, but I'm expecting this to last 30 years without too much issue. If it dies after 18 years I'll be pretty annoyed.

  • Congrats man.

    Shed looks great too. Who knows, you might even get some time to visit it every so often.

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Hovis builds a garden office*

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