Hovis builds a garden office*

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  • Hey, it looks great and you cat seems to love it too.

    Your plant looks a bit like Phyllostachys nigra which is clump form, however, I've just noticed there is some more of this plant further along so it could be the invasive 'runner' type.
    Best thing to do is to take some photos and ask someone at the garden centre what it is and how it spreads and how tall it will grow.

    Runner bamboo types are hard to dig up because they send runners (roots that shoot sideways up to 5ft underground) before they pop up further along your garden.

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  • Here is a diagram that I found on the internet to show how the roots grown on a runner bamboo.

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  • we've got a load of this shit in our garden that's crept under the fence from next door.
    i can confirm it's an absolute twat to get rid of.

  • Side walls are nearly done. Couple more noggins and sheathing to do but the main bits are done. I threw out the how to make sloped wall rule books and just drew it up in cad, cut all the studs to the lengths the computer said and threw it together and boom it fits. Everything nice and square and parallel.

    Am thinking about the roof more now. Does anyone have an opinion on how much overhand I should have at the front? Building is 4m long. My roof joists are 4.8m. My original plan was to have approx 20cm at the rear and 60cm at the front, but am now wondering whether I should just have the full 80cm at the front and have the back close to flush? Reason being I'm not going to be hanging out at the back, there will be a gutter there, and I'll be cladding the rear in some cheap plastic cladding that won't rot so protecting from direct rain not so much a big deal?

    I've attached mock ups of both options. Any wisdom appreciated.

    Also, thanks for all the tips on the bamboo. I've had a closer look and I'm fairly sure its the clumping kind so I'll be putting off dealing with it until future date.

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  • cheap plastic cladding

    I can't really offer an informed opinion on your question, but do you have a specific product in mind for this, or is that yet to be specified?

  • https://www.selcobw.com/300mm-hollow-sof­fit-board-white-x-10mm

    There is a black variety which is nearly double the price but still cheap.

    I have yet to actually go and look at some so it may not be suited for cladding. I suspect it's not strong enough to use without some sheathing behind it, but for my purpose it will be for weather protection only so might be ok.

  • Nice one, yeah the fact it's called soffit is a bit at odds with the description that it can be mounted horizontally.

    My work has a Selco trade card too ;)

  • Have you considered box profile for the back? comes powdercoated in loads of colours, pretty cheap, easy to fit and lasts forever...

  • @Hovis I have some house wrap and flexwrap (the stretchy stuff for around window openings) left over from my build. Yours if you want it?

  • Is this the same as corrugated panels? Had not really considered it. I'll do some l research. Have you got a supplier you'd recommend?

  • Will drop you a PM

  • Yeah, basically the new corrugated tin, my new shed is going to clad in it, but that is 7m x 15m. I get it from a local guy down here, but should be able to source online https://www.roofingmegastore.co.uk/roofi­ng-categories/pitched-roofing/roofing-sh­eets/box-profile-sheets/box-profile-roof­ing-sheet-34-1000-0-5mm-0-7mm-polyester-­paint-coating.html

  • I had a yolo moment and cracked on. First roof joist done. Not sure how everyone else is cutting their birdsmouths but I think ive settled for using a combination of track saw and Japanese hand saw.

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  • Can that stuff be cut across the profile, in the case where it's used as cladding? I can't think how you could make a neat job of that.

  • Not sure if it's called a nibbler in the UK as well but it looks like this and cuts sheet metal profiles without ruining paint/corrosion resistance like an angle grinder would.

  • yeah a nibbler

  • So I've put most of the roof rafters in but its got me thinking about roof windows. Anyone have any wisdom with these? It was never part of the plan but now or never has kicked in and I'm wondering if I'll kick myself later for not bothering.

    Does anyone have any brand recommendation? I've had a look at Velux "flat roof windows" and it's looking like £1k if I want one that opens. I really don't want to spend that much. I could get a fixed one to save money, but it would be nice to have the option to leave it open for ventilation.

    I also need to figure out how to frame it properly as I'll have to chop one rafter where the window would go. I'm guessing I should double up on the sides.

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  • no idea on brands etc, but our roof windows were framed in the same timber, with doubling up of rafters to the side.

  • have a look at sunpipes - they let in a pretty decent amount of light, i think i'm going to put a couple in my kitchen roof extension

  • roof windows

    My 2p...

    A opening skylight with a blind would obviously be the ideal. Opening skylights are great when it's hot to quickly expell heat. But it's not that big a space, and if it's hot you can open the door and a window. Really are there that many situations you can imagine where you'd want the skylight open and not the doors & window(s)?

    Personally I'd look on ebay for a 2nd hand one.

  • My logic for an opening window was so I could leave it open when I wasn't home to let the place air out and feel reasonably secure that someone couldn't very easily break in to it. But that's not really sound logic, and the price difference between fixed and opening is massive so fixed is what I went for. 800x1200. My only regret is I should have framed for a second, but too late now. Cat approves.

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  • Looks more like "One day I shall destroy you, human, for making me wear this little bell" 😁

  • When do you think this will be finished?

  • @russmeyer I put the bell on to help reduce the body count, but if anything her body count accumulation is higher than ever!

    @HoKe I'm woefully optimistic when it comes to predicting completion. Goal is end of September but most likely it will run over , after which I shall become a dad and so maybe the ETA will be some time in the year 2025!?

  • Cool, let me know if you need someone to take some ‘proper’ photos of you build 😘

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Hovis builds a garden office*

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