YellOmnium Cargo Bike Build

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  • Just got my brand new Omnium Cargo frameset in the mail the other day, in "Sunshine Yellow".
    Other parts are on their way, and I'll try to post updates as often as I can about the building process.
    So far I'm really impressed with the build quality of the frame, the paint is really nice, the welds are clean.
    They even included a tiny container with some paint for touch ups !
    The plan is to set this up with flat bars, the biggest tires I can fit on (recommendations welcome) and SRAM NX Eagle groupset.

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  • 👍👍👍

  • I can measure with verniers later on, but you're looking at 35mm tyres with 45mm mudguard at the rear, 40 / 50 at the front.
    The main thing is to go 406 ETRTO at the front.

  • Yeah, definetly 406 at the front, not that much tire options in 451 :/
    I'm planning on riding this bike as a "do-it-all-commuter" and my daily commute include some gravel road / dirt bike path. I'm thinking about a WTB Riddler at the back (I have a set on my gravel bike, love them), what would you suggest for the front end ? Maxxis Holy Roller ?

  • Considering doing similar myself, subbed.
    Great colour!

  • Awesome.

  • BMX tyres are popular (Maxxis Torch etc) but since I have no experience with them I can't really help you with that. I have a Continental Contact II at the front of mine, not the fastest/grippiest out there but extremely durable.
    Schwalbe have a G-One Speed in 20" now, if you want to go matchy matchy front and rear.

  • The G-One Speed looks kinda weak :/
    I wonder how it handle the wet. I'm living in Brussels, that's kinda important.

  • Maxxis DTH are nice

  • good, but not a cargobike tyre IMO you would want something a bit more like a big apple i think

  • It's crazy that bike tire manufacturers are not offering cargo-specific bike tires.
    Omnium are selling those on their webshop, they look really "Big Apple-y".

  • I'd suggest a Schwalbe Marathon 1.75 but the dth is available in wider sizes and is maybe a bit nicer offroad

  • A Big Apple won't leave space for a mudguard. @acinq don't sweat it too much, it's a long (read stable) bike and a fat tyre will usually be grippy enough even without the stickiest compound. I live in a very wet country too so I understand your concerns though.
    When I next pop to the Omnium shop I'll have a gander at that new Arisun tyre and will report.

  • Yeah mudguard clearance is an issue with the Big Apples.
    I could give those G-one Speed a try, the low profile should play nice with mudguards, 20x1.5 for the front and 700x35 rear.
    Thanks for the report if you can have a look at those Arysun !

  • Got some parts in the mail today, mostly cockpit-related, I'll take some pics at home tonight.
    I'm filling a spreadsheet with all the components (with manufacturer weights, prices and suppliers), is anyone interested if I publish it here ?

  • I usually like to see manufacturers claimed weight against actual weight if you're bothering to do that

  • Some progress : got the stem, handlebars, seatpost, spacers & grips in the mail today.
    Everything from the PRO LT range, decent prices & weights, and some Ergon G2 Fat grips.

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  • Start looking like a bike. The saddle (WTB SL8 Pro from my Kona Sutra LTD) is for aesthetics only, and will be replaced by a Brooks C17.

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  • Got properly jealous green eyes watching this one!

    I’ve got an Odyssey Aaron Ross on the front of mine and it’s been great. Halo Twin Wall at the back. Nothing has grumbled even with 60-70kg onboard.

  • Only thing I’d say about having massive tyres is it makes it a lot harder work - but there’s Rule 5 to help you deal with that!

  • Would be nice to see a pic !

  • Couple of pics later on my Long Harry build:­77/

  • Dunno why I haven't seen that thread. Awesome stuff. Please update more.

  • 650b for fatter tyre?

  • I'm running 2.0 KHE Mac 2 Dirt on the front and 26 x 1.5 marathon on the back. I've only ridden a few other omniums with slimmer tyres but I don't notice a huge difference

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YellOmnium Cargo Bike Build

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