Dura Ace 9100 Caliper Brake users...

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  • I'm using 9000 calipers on two of my fixed gear bikes with standard cross-top levers.
    I just bought a 9100 caliper (brand new) and it seems that the spring tension is a lot weaker in the caliper. As such, it's not even strong enough to push the lever back to the closed position.
    I seem to remember reading that this is intentional and the calipers should only be used with 9100 levers.
    Can anyone here confirm or deny this?
    Looks like I'll have to chuck it back on ebay; shame as it's a nice looking brake!

  • How're your cables looking?

  • Only one cable; short run. Brand new.

  • There is/should be a spring tension adjuster on the calliper, a 2mm Allen key grub screw on the arm opposite the cable clamp, from memory. On older models you could remove the spring and open it up to increase tension (I’ve also done the opposite to decrease tension for women riders with smaller/weaker hands) but you can’t do this on the 9100 model.

  • Ah yes, there is a screw there but it’s just for centering.
    I just found the manual online and it says ‘arch spring adjustment cannot be carried out for Br-R9100’.
    It’s not ‘really’ weak and I can’t imagine the spring is defective.
    It’s just noticeably weaker than my 9000 calipers...

  • Well that’s a load of wank, isn’t it? Nigh-on every other Shimano brake has allowed some measure of fine tuning of spring tension, until now. The twats.

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Dura Ace 9100 Caliper Brake users...

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