Using a motor vehicle as a weapon

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  • This seems to be an instance, although a bizarre incident all round:­torcyclist-rammed-driver-redbridge-met-p­olice-appeal-b955618.html

    Not sure how the police can tell that the driving changed from 'erratic' to deliberately hitting the motorcycle rider, but they must have reasons. Healing wishes to the rider.

  • Glad to see in the first sentence that it was a driver wot dun it. Maybe the wording of these types of articles is improving. Or perhaps it's only cyclists that get hit by cars without drivers.

  • Just got knocked off by a moped rider after an altercation. He almost got me the first time, he was parked, I passed and just as I did so he decided to pull away into a u turn, no indication and phone in left hand. I shouted and swerved and had a bit of a coming together but he got really aggressive so I rode off. 400yards later felt a smack from behind and went skittering down the road. Lost a bit of skin, really hurt my shoulder but don’t think it’s broken, tore a newish soft shell jacket. Bike’s ok though.
    Police (Thames Valley) spectacularly uninterested.
    Just told me to report it online.
    Go pro in pocket. SMH.

  • That's assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Press the police, don't just report it online and let it float into the void for nothing to happen. Gather any information you can yourself now as you may end up having to spoon feed the bizzies. Assuming it was a delivery rider, were they collecting from somewhere? See if the restaurant has CCTV. See if the street has CCTV. etc etc

  • Fuck Adrian

    Report it and heal up fast

  • Thanks.
    I made a phone report despite them advising me not to. Waiting for a reference number which hasn’t appeared yet.
    I checked the area for cameras but couldn’t see any. He wasn’t obviously a delivery rider but there’s a lot of youngsters moving stuff around on behalf of dealers. I suspect he was making an illicit drop when he pulled the u turn.

  • I assume you've written down as much as you can remember?

    Is there much of a likelihood you might come across him again?

    Glad you weren't hurt worse, and without witnesses any chances of a prosecution are obviously slim, but it would be good if against hope he was caught.

    Hope your shoulder's not too bad.

  • Damn. I got hit by a car with cloned plates a year or two ago now. It's shit but sometimes there's not a lot you can do.
    Hopefully the police do come through

  • Just got an email from the police. The call handler simply filled out the online form. Not even a crime. Simply a traffic collision.

  • Jesus that’s depressing. I’ve had a very similar experience with the police on this type of thing and unfortunately (having exhausted all the avenues) something I just had to make peace with and not let it keep me up at night in a rage. Really sorry to hear this and hope you’re on the mend.

  • Wonder if it'd be the same charge/result for bike cops in the same situation

  • Is there no 'Safer Neighbourhood Team' for your area?
    They normally have representation from local councillors and residents' associations to ensure victims, (of any sort), are not fobbed off as you have been.

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Using a motor vehicle as a weapon

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