Cervelo T1 - 51cm - Rotor 3D Crankset - HHSB - Track Frame

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  • After 6 years of babying this frame time has come to part ways, I bought it from the owner of long closed pristine fixed gear in Amsterdam, they were a authorised cervelo dealer so he kept one T1 for his self to use but after a few rides dropped a weight on his foot in his workshop is when I took ownership. Since then it’s been the Sunday best and only used in the British summer months so let’s say about two weeks of the whole year :)
    Who ever buys this frame it’s safe to say it’s been well looked after.

    Size 51

    In the same is Frame, Fork, Headset, Seat post and clamp, Cervelo Carbon top cap and spacers.

    Crankset not included but is available for an additional cost.

    I’ll either remove it or leave it on up to the buyer to decide.

    Frame £750>£730>£710>£700>£690>£685>£SOLD
    Crankset £SOLD

    Collection N1
    No dibs

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  • pm

  • Still available

  • So

  • "dick" this is small for you

  • Thanks dad

  • Think of your old knees

  • Mate - one whipskid and my hip replacements would explode

  • This sure made me laugh 😂

  • Potentially open to sensible offers on either the frameset or crankset.

  • Happy to sell the crankset separately.

  • How much with shipping to DK?

  • Price drop on frameset

  • How much are you you asking for the rotor crankset , does it include the BB and is it. Italian or British thread and what is the length of the cranks would it fit a Cinelli Vigorelli

  • £200 for crankset which includes BB, British thread, 165mm. Yes it will fit a Vigorelli.

  • Bit rich for my blood fella ..you can get these for £211 new also still have to get a chainring .. and the rotor ones are expensive

  • What’s the lowest you will do on the crankset.. cheers

  • I don't want to be that guy... but I've just seen that crankset go for £100 with bb and chainring.

    Product depreciation is a real #####

  • I bought one of those cranksets with bb and a chainring for 200ish

  • £100?! Where?

    Mine without bb cost me £200.

  • Wot? For an aero 3d with BB in great nick? I don't think so.

  • I sold just the arms for a rotor track crankset for about £110 on ebay once and I laughed as I posted it at how impossible it was gonna be for the next guy to find the track spider for it like me


  • Forgot to update the crankset has already sold. Thanks for the bump.


Cervelo T1 - 51cm - Rotor 3D Crankset - HHSB - Track Frame

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