Converting 142 thru axle to 135 QR

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  • I've miscalculated the ease of swapping 27.5" thru axle wheels to 700c QR frameset - have axle adpaters to 9mm skewers but got the rear axle width wrong - its 142 not 135 obviously. I was all good to write it off as not possible when I noticed that the only real difference on the axle seemed to be the length of the highlighted part in the picture below.

    Measuring between wheels, on 27.5" its approx 15mm, on 700c its approx 8mm. So this is the 7mm difference in total axle width.

    Question 1: Can I just swap this longer section off for a shorter one, and then fit the wheels into 135 rear spacing? (Using adapter to reduce to 9mm skewer)

    Question 2: If yes, what is this part called and can anyone point me in the direction of a spare that will fit?


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  • What brand is the hub? It may have replaceable end caps that allow conversion to 135 qr without other adapters or hacks and bodges.

  • Have double checked and they're no-name, they're from a Pinnacle Iroko 2 (2016 I think) and I can't find any evidence of them listed anywhere. Pretty confident there's no end caps, have seen the replaceable things before and these don't seem to have them.

    Photos attached for inspection.

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  • What happens if you take a wrench to those flats?

    If you can properly ID the hub then you might find spares that allow the configuration to be changed to 135qr.

    But if not there’s not really much to be done.

  • That's the next steps, my tools won't fit (flat slots too thin) but will borrow some come spanners and find out what lies beneath. Then either mod the piece, or find shorter replacement if it seems replaceable.

  • They're probably some horrific joytech looseball things. Maybe you can somehow chop the axle to size

  • Looks like a Novatec hub, had some similar in the past - on Evans website the spec sheet for the 2017 model lists "Rear Hub Novatec D772SB, 4 sealed bearings" so you might be in luck re. adaptors - the end caps may just pull off, can't quite remember if they unscrew or not.

    For Novatec spares i've used BDOP in Taiwan a few times -­s-ALLOY%20THRU%20AXLES.asp

  • I'm pretty sure I've got the same issue and I've been searching high and low for a solution for about a year... I think this is the specs of that hub:­-rear-hub-mtb-1625200.html

    I was even considering even filling down the end cap...

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  • Don't know why I missed this. Looks very promising! If only I actually knew which model hub...!

  • Why not bend the frame a bit?

  • Coz the axle interface will still be wrong :(

  • But the OP has a conversion kit. The issue now is spacing. Of course, I know respacing frames isn’t always possible / ideal.

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Converting 142 thru axle to 135 QR

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