AQA - any questions answered - Track Edition

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  • Michelin ... seem to be akin to kryptonite for indoor wooden tracks.

    It’s to do with the rubber compound. Michelin use more of a certain ingredient (might be silica?) and it means the tyres last longer and run faster but at the expense of grip.

  • That table is years old. Be interesting to revisit it but it'd need a willing guinea-pig I guess.

  • They’re 320tpi and the compound is Kevlar Si02 apparently. Sounds puncture protecty rather than non-slidey?
    Maybe I should just get a pair of the rigid zaffiro slicks for now?

  • Maybe I should just get a pair of the rigid zaffiro slicks for now?

    Best bang for your buck. They do need a bit more prepping than they used to, clean with spirits, bit of a scuff up with sandpaper and snip/pull the little mold 'pubes' off on the right hand side so they don't get under your contact patch and roll around when you're going slow.

  • Advice much appreciated!

    If anyone wants to flog a suitable pair of tyres, let me know. Otherwise it’s off to velodromeshop’s geocities site it is!

  • Ive got some unused (fitted but never ridden) vittoria pista control G+ clinchers if you like

  • Been offered some Ultremos - they're on the Newport OK list, but as that's apparently pretty old, what's the verdict with Ultremos on wood?

  • Ultremo would be fine in MCR.

  • I'm pretty certain our coaches have stopped them going on on the grounds of them being too treaded on the shoulder.

  • Looks like I’ve bagged some vittoria pista control G+s now, courtesy of the kind gent above.

  • Does anyone know if the Wahoo speed & cadence sensors work on a banked track or have any recommendations for ones that work ok?
    I have some cheap generic ones and the speed sensor is crapping out in the bankings.

  • I use wahoo speed & cadence on road bike they're reliable. Not sure if banking would affect them (or any sensor?). Is battery level good on your generic ones?

    I started using a garmin connect speed sensor between lockdown 1 & 2 on track, it has worked fine so far.

    Good to see you yesterday, hope your legs feel good today!

  • Probably just my cheap eBay sensors...
    Was a bit of a shock to the system but just what was needed, did feel a bit zonked today! Great vibes yesterday, can't wait to start coming regularly again after Christmas.

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  • I missed this before, graph looks ace. Tier 4 means no velodrome for a while longer though :(

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AQA - any questions answered - Track Edition

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