• Super brilliant and lightweight tent for sale.

    It's this model, in Silnylon:

    Great for one person with loads of kit / a dog, and you can get two people in there if they're cosy.
    Pole and stakes not included, you can use many different types of pole, straight up or at an angle, etc.

    I have seam sealed it which takes time and care!
    RRP is $265 + shipping + tax + seam sealing so I'd like £140 picked up / postage at cost

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  • Potentially interested, what’s the pack size?

  • damn small - silnylon packs smaller than cuben!
    with my hands I can get it into a cylinder 20cm high and 14cm diameter. with a dry bag/stuff sack you could certainly get it smaller. and this is with all the guylines etc.

  • Super nice ! Glws

  • Take it that this does not have the matching floor?

  • nope. I use a sheet of Tyvek (200g, £5 from ebay, soft and breathable and waterproof). or you can get the fancy floors/inserts from MLD or Ookworks or others

  • Sorry to be a pain, but curious to know how that works - if it's just a flat sheet, how does that stop water getting in if it gets wet? Needs to somehow have a concave profile, upturned edges, surely?

  • Sure,
    The pitch above is high off the ground - this is for summer, warm conditions, when you want fresh air flowing under the tent to keep you refreshed.
    When it's raining, you pitch the tent very close to the ground, or on it. That stops any water from getting in the sides. Then you lay the Tyvek down inside and sleep on that, it stops any water coming in from underneath.
    Some people like to use an insert with a "bathtub floor" but I have never found this necessary if you choose a campsite properly! Go somewhere with good drainage if it's going to piss down...

  • Lots of interest but nobody with the cash yet
    Price drop to £135

  • Fuck it - dibs,pm:)

  • sold - closed


FS: Mountain Laurel Designs Solomid XL Ultralight Tent (luxurious for one, cosy for two)

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