• ‘This is a serious matter which would normally attract an immediate prison sentence.

    "Normally" implies you're spot-on. FFS

  • PSR to be completed.

  • As he has pleaded guilty,
    why does the Justice system take another month to sentence him?

    From the article:

    Judge John Hillen adjourned the sentence to allow for medical and probation reports.


    ‘I am going to adjourn for a pre-sentence report to be written, we need to know more about you.

    ‘The harm which was caused to the victim is also a matter which will need to be taken into account.’

  • ^&^^
    Thanks both.
    Is he in clink until sentencing,
    or at liberty to drive another BMW into another cyclist?

  • He was bailed ahead of sentence on July 2.

    He probably has bail conditions. They might include banning him from driving.

  • He has been bailed to return for sentencing. So he could do the same again.

  • He was sentenced to 20 months in prison and banned from driving for two years and ten months

    Eat a dick, British justice

  • A longer sentence than CA

  • Does the driving ban run concurrently with the sentence, or does it come into effect when he's released?

  • I’d presume once released.
    I also presume the reason for seemingly short bans is to keep dangerous drivers within the system so to speak and less likely to drive without insurance etc.
    That may be wishful thinking admittedly

  • You’re reasoning re. The ban is sound. I think it came from the EU that a ban should give the person something to aim for. Lifetime ban means they will drive really.

    I don’t believe the sentence was severe enough - giving his conduct after the accident and during interview. No remorse means I give him fuck all remorse if he got 10 years custodial.

  • A follow-up interview with the victim:


    He told the Standard: “It has been devastating really. For me, cycling was a passion and I used it for transport but also for dealing with the pressures of university.

    “My outlet was cycling, especially in this weather. Now I am stuck at home.
    This CCTV image shows Mr Dey cycling in north London before being hit by Sean Fagan

    “I physically can’t cycle now because I ruptured a ligament in my knee — my knee will never be the same. I do want to cycle again but I am more anxious on the roads. I still haven’t resolved it in my head.”

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2019-04-21 - Rider Down - Swain's Lane (Police need help identifying driver of Black BMW TF07JKS !)

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