• That is horrific!

    Maybe it's time to look at the law, and where vehicles are owned but other people drive them then the owner has to be somewhat responsible for the drivers actions. Surely in this case they know who the owner is but the evidence is lacking for the driver.

  • This is absolutely shocking. Absolutely cannot be an accident, or loss of control. A car like that is too well engineered to not be able to take corners at that speed. However, we all know that even if they find the driver and passenger it'll be something pathetic like six points and a small fine.

  • Intelgence services have the NASA software to enhance images and get a good pic of the driver. But it'll take the Boys in Blue (Bozos in Blue) a while to remember that, as it's not a National Security matter. Then the Facial Recognition software will do it's thing, the driver is bound to have a Crim record mugshot to work from, and Bob's your uncle...

  • F-me, just seen this, unbelievable, amazing he's (relatively) ok.

    Should be easy enough for the Police to find him but based on the fact i had to visit three stations yesterday to make a simple statement i'm sadly not optimistic.

  • Lead story on BBC London. The plod aren't looking very good. 'we haven't received a formal complaint'. I think this may be in the public interest lads and lasses

  • Without wanting to be too contentious - the police may not know who the driver is. The car may have been sold on without the keeper being changed. The car could have false number plates. The car may be stolen.
    Presumably someone contacted the police at the time but that is only a presumption. Perhaps police were not advised until later. There will always be more to these things than meets the eye.
    Re Arrest. Legislation governs this so arresting anyone for anything is not automatic.
    I hope the guy recovers and the driver is hammered by the courts but, recent convictions for similar incidents, do not give me much faith in the courts for severe penalties. Most recent shocking example -

  • Both Adu and Mr Millar had been heading towards Ballymena when his bike ended up under the car and he struck the bonnet.

    Not great writing either.

  • I don’t think the reporting matters really. The absolutely ridiculous sentence is the focus.

  • I just re-read this and it really is a fucking disgrace, to the point that I’m very annoyed. These are LIFE CHANGING injuries. Looks like the driver couldn’t give a shit.


  • My point is more around the urgency (or lack of) that the police are showing.

    If that was my car, that had been stolen, and driven into someone, I would expect the police to come and find me and ask me some questions as soon as they found out who I was.

    If this was a mugging/burglary/stabbing and they had some evidence that placed someone at the scene, would they send them a leter or go and speak to them ASAP?

  • A properly rescued police force would be checking CCTV, plotting the progress of the car through the streets and looking for images of the driver, either whilst the car is moving or getting in / out of the car. Sending units out to the address of the registered keeper etc. A NIP doesn't seem to be the appropriate way to investigate a case of causing serious injury by dangerous driving but then again what do I know!

  • That is a fair point but we are not aware of how this was reported to police. Once the car has left and the injured party is being cared for, it is slow time really. News reports obviously do not report on police action.
    There are events where people record them on phones and no one rings the police because everyone thinks someone else must have done it. Mad as that sounds it happens. First world problem!

  • The practicality of this is that it is not CSI London. Review of CCTV is a very slow process. And what would it really achieve unless there is complete coverage of every road and street etc.
    It will be interesting to see if they locate the driver and the offence they are charged with. I’m not sure it was deliberate from the footage but it looks reckless as opposed to careless at the very least. I don’t know the street where is happened but it is very odd driving.

  • This evenings late BBC London News says the car has been impounded and there is no answer at the owners address.

  • Progress. Let's hope they track the cunt down soon. I imagine with all the attention this has moved up the police priority list somewhat.

    Like others have said, a properly resourced police force wouldn't need to agonise over how to prioritise an incident like this. I kind of expect petty crime to take a backseat, but when lack of resources mean this guy had to go request the cctv himself things are getting ridiculous.

  • It's only slow when it is low level offending. I'm a lawyer so I get an idea of how things work when serious violence has been inflicted.

  • I’m not sure I said it was slow. It may appear slow but that is just the news.
    Also, someone commented that police didn’t receive a call initially about it. That could explain any perceived delay.
    I had another look at the CCTV it appears the car may have thought it was one way. If that is not the case - it appears to be worse than reckless.

  • A properly rescued police force

    You must mean 'resourced'. :)

  • the car may have thought it was one way

    You mean the driver?
    Also, that looks like an under steering correction by the driver by going too fast. I know that section, and it's a decreasing radius corner so the exit is deceptive.

  • I don’t know the road system there. Is the speed limit 30 mph?

  • 20mph.
    The video shows a car deliberately change lanes after hitting the cyclist, in complete control.
    From repeated viewing- it looks more and more a deliberate action, a choice to cross the road to hit the cyclist. Watch the first frame the car appears and a lane change at a controlled speed is made.
    I don't think there is understeer, but I have no doubt the driver's defence team will make that case.

  • The only thing we have is video evidence and the driver's number plates, better get Sherlock to solve this mystery.

  • I would tend to agree with you, but not knowing the area it’s hard to judge. Perhaps not a driving offence at all - attempted murder? I did think about that initially as the driving was so odd.

  • A fair point. Might be of worth getting the details of the Prius driver coming the other way as he'd have seen what transpires before the camera footage.

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2019-04-21 - Rider Down - Swain's Lane (Police need help identifying driver of Black BMW TF07JKS !)

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