Ti Sled (and track machine)

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  • In wake of my every day lopro being thieved by local crackies it's insurance build time.
    As a 1 bike each household I was itching for another 700c track machine anyway. Now I am permitted!
    This time I want to build something a bit modern, something a bit hip-hop, something kind of silly but something I can still take to local velodrome.

    Waltly Ti, Intergrated HS, pista leggera and a delicious matching Moots stem? We are go.

    With this I'm gonna load up on all the slave parts I've wanted but never had a frame for: Flite Ti, Slam that stem cap, 44rn, solid spider cranks, Raketa hubs, wide bars, all black everything.. and (of course) Soma mini rack and Wald for backpack free commuting.

    Need to do something about that nasty blue stem clamp though haha.

  • Pop the blue cap in a bit of Sodium Hydroxide (drain cleaner) and it should take the anodize off.

    Sick frame btw.

  • What a nice frame ! I’d stay with the blue stem cap and match it with a nice DA 7600 BLUE chainring !

  • How much did the frame cost to get made? Where is production, Russia or China I guess?

  • Looking to sell my 27.2 USE titanium seatpost soon if you are interested. Looking forward to the build

  • Definately no matchy matchy anodising for me. Not sure how much the frame cost man I bought it second hand (unused) but ~Usd900 seems to be the mark for these. Made in China yeah.
    @BigH 31.6 blasted finished only haha. (Nice posts those USE tho!)

  • Just picked up the frame from the mechanics. Faced, threaded and fitted BB, headset races squared (they were way off) and steerer chopped.

    Ended up stripping the stem clamp and hitting it with some rattle can satin black enamel.
    If it doesn't hold up I can always order a replacement from Moots direct but looks great for now.

    A few small changes to plans as I've picked parts from local classifieds instead of the 'bay because the exchange rate sucks but very happy with my finds.
    The FSA cranks have the (rare?) machined alu solid spider which is rad but also a bit heavy, planning to drill out some the unneccesarsy bulk around bolts.

    Now just waiting on my Raketa hubs preorder to arrive and to purchase a chainring.
    I was hoping that a new 44rn release would be out by now so I guess a F5 Lattice ring it is instead I reckon. Cheaper anyway :)

    I haven't done the maths but this gonna be light.

  • Rad.

    Looking forward to seeing this completed.

  • Nice furniture

    And bike

  • Very very nice, don't sell yourself short with the Factory5 though this needs an AARN! Didn't he just re-stock the webshop or maybe that was just the narrow wide rings?

  • ahh, haha. You are right, I should chase my dreams.
    Still only bigbois in stock on the webshop.
    I'll look deeper...

  • Nice frame! Surely a Rotor Track crack would be better on this?

  • ^ not a massive fan of Rotors personally... plus $$$ too much for me.

    Still waiting on the hubs to arrive. :( I'm hoping this week...

    Meanwhile.. did some customisation on the cranks. Mostly for aesthetic but shaved a bunch of weight too.
    Built a little jig and with a guide in the middle to carefully run a router against and finished up the straight edges with a jigsaw.

    Gonna try out this product from the gun shop called Aluminum Black to clean up the scratches on the spider and blacken out those logos while I'm at it!

  • Great work! The crank/chainring combo looks really good.
    Glad you went for the AARN.

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Ti Sled (and track machine)

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