• Selling this Holdsworth Esprit frame I've modified in order to free up space for other frames I'm going to build.

    I bought the frame with a stuck seatpost and instead of removing the post from the seat tube, I cut the seattube out and replaced it, the seat stays and the dropouts.

    The new bit of seat tube is 28.6mm internal diameter so I'm using a shim to run a 27.2mm post in it.

    There is no provision for fitting a rear brake so it's either fixed with just a front brake or coaster brake as it is in the pics.

    I'd like £100 for the frame, forks and headset.

    I will be keeping the wheels and a lot of the parts in the photos but I do have some wheels and other parts that I could do a build with.

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  • Absolute beauty, MV.

  • Thanks man.

  • I wish I could, awesome frame.

  • Interesting rear cluster arrangement there - never see that before.

  • Price drop on the Holdsworth to £75.

    It’s had a change of fork by the way.

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  • Adding my modded Genesis Flyer.

    Mods are rear cable routing removed and rear brake bridge removed and replaced by upside down cross. It’s actually stainless under the powder so could be stripped and polished.

    I also had at the driveside chainstay with a hammer so as to clear the back of the spider on road cranks. This is definitely not the neatest of work but I did it years ago so it’s sound and the powder coat hides it well actually.

    Powdercoat was done a few years ago now so there are marks here and there. Little bit of corrosion around the chainstays bridge and on the track ends. The powdercoat has also chipped a bit around the edges of the bottom bracket. None of that is structural though, there’s plenty life in this frame yet.

    Toptube 57cm centre to centre.
    Seattube 56cm centre to centre, 60cm centre to top.
    Headtube 165mm.


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  • Just going to measure the Flyer just now Sizes added ^ and I’ll see if I can dig out some photos of it built too.

  • I have a pretty beater set of wheels that I’d do for £20 with either of the frames or £35 by themselves.

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  • What tyre is clearing the Holdsworth in the pics? What can it accommodate?

  • It's a 28 in the photos, don't think you'd want to go much bigger than that. I can pop a 28 in the frame and take some snaps of the clearances if you'd like.

  • No that's cool, as expected. I'll have a think.

  • Only photo I've managed to find of the Flyer built so far...

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  • Dibs flyer!

  • These are both rad

  • What size is the Holdsworth? I can't see dimensions anywhere

  • Doh, that would certainly help wouldn’t it?!

    I’ll get it measured ASAP.

  • Could be handy! Looks too big for me sadly

  • Holdsworth dimensions:

    Toptube centre to centre 56cm.
    Seat tube centre to centre 58cm, centre to top of seat tube 65cm.
    Head tube 18cm.
    Bottom bracket drop 65mm.

    I know that centre to top measurement probably makes the frame sound huge but it’s not. I’m doing most of my riding on a Pompino which is about 56cm square I think and because of the top tube lengths I find the Holdsworth a good fit, I just obviously have much more post out on the Pomp.

  • Did Batt end up taking the Flyer?

  • Yeah Flyer is gone.

    Would entertain swaps against the Holdsworth. Not another frame though I really need to thin the herd!

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FS: Modified Holdsworth Esprit f&f Price Drop plus Genesis Flyer frame & beater wheels

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