Sram RED Etap AXS 2x12

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  • hello LFGSS people,

    i hope this is not out of place - if it is, please let me know!

    would anyone be interested in some Sram RED Etap AXS 2x12 goodness? a friend of mine runs a bike shop and he can do a sweet deal on the groupsets/components - new with warranty and all.

    he'd be happy to donate to the forum in case of a sale - he offered £75 after a full groupset and smaller amounts for lower value sales.

    full groupset consists of the following:

    • 12 speed rear derailleur with battery
    • 2 speed front derailleur with battery
    • shiters
    • brakes
    • chainset
    • battery charger
    • AM CS XG 1290 cassette
    • AM CN RED D1 chain

    !!! bottom bracket not included !!!


    crank length and chainring options:

    • 170mm - 50/37, 48/35, 46/33
    • 172.5mm - 50/37, 48/35, 46/33
    • 175mm - 50/37, 48/35, 46/33
    • integrated power meter with the same options


    • cable operated rim brakes
    • flat mount hydraulic disc brakes with 6-bolt rotors


    • 10-26, 10-28, 10-33


    complete rim-brake groupset with regular chainset: £2750
    complete rim-brake groupset with power-meter chainset: £2950

    complete disc-brake groupset with regular chainset: £2750
    complete disc-brake groupset with power-meter chainset: £3100

    shifters and mechs: £1550
    shifters and mechs + rim brakes: £1770
    shifters and mechs with disc brakes: £1650


    brakes (rim only): £260
    regular chainset: £550
    power meter chainset: £1000
    cassette: £260
    chain: £55

  • mamils, start your engines

  • Ouch. And there was me tempted, I didn't realise I was that old....

  • it works if you are a Transformers fan too !

  • 10% off until the end of this week!

  • 20% off. permanently. anyone? :)

  • Interesting how chainring and cassette sizes are so different from Shimano or Campagnolo.

  • Yeah I think sub compact chainrings is becoming the new norm. The 10t cog 12 speed cassette with the sub compact rings could give you the best of both worlds. Maybe.

  • What's the price for a disc full groupset except for cranks - is that "shifters and mechs with disc brakes: £1650" minus 20% off?

  • I am happy about the trend of compact chainrings then, they must look good on small-size frames.

  • The 10t cog 12 speed cassette with the sub compact rings could give you the best of both worlds. Maybe.

    Not maybe, definitely. It's a simple matter of ratios.

    With 12-speed AXS 48/35 x 10-33, you get a higher hard gear than 52x11, and a lower easy gear than 34x32, 32x30 and 30x28, with small cassette jumps.

    If you don't need the equivalent of a 52x11 top gear (who does besides pros), you can go for smaller chainrings to get a lower easy gear if you keep the same cassette, or get a smaller range cassette and decrease the cassette jumps even more.

    Only thing is you need a 'special' hub to accommodate the 10t cassette cog.

  • Well, the grain between gears is coarser though, I am not sure how good that is.

  • Yeah I just being flippant with the 'maybe'
    I've not actually ridden a 12 speed set up yet so cant really say much about it.
    Do the 12 speed axs cassettes offer smaller jumps between each cog?

    Edit - just googled and see that it does indeed offer closer ratios. lots of 1t jumps.
    Thats something that I'd like and obviously a lot of other folk would.

    Pitty I bought 11 speed etap on sale just before axs came out

  • Would also like to know if thats 20% off 1650 for mechs, shifters and disc brakes?

  • Do the 12 speed axs cassettes offer smaller jumps between each cog?

    Like you said, more 1T jumps, and because the biggest cog on the cassette doesn't have to be as big as with bigger chainrings, you also get smaller jumps compared to the cassettes you'd previously had to run to achieve the same ratios.

  • Wish I hadn't read up on it now.
    When I bought hydro 11 speed etap it was a really good price and I publicly celebrated getting etap cheap.
    Felt pretty sure I wouldn't be going 12 speed for years to come...
    AXS is now coming towards what I paid for old etap.

    Now want. :(

  • Shit. When I read the press release about AXS I dismissed it as just more marketing blurb to sell another standard that wasn't needed. Didn't really pay it enough attention.
    Seems like its actually pretty worth while.

  • 11-speed eTap HRD is/will be great I'm sure, don't worry! You got a good deal on a very good groupset still.

    Loads of people running 9-speed (I have it on one of my bikes) and having great fun.

  • Yeah, 11 speed etap is great. Feel like it will be a family heirloom passed down to my son!

    In all likelihood I'll probably skip 12 speed all together. It'll be so long by the time I could spend that sort of money, 13 speed will probably have arrived.

    Like all of us, I'm just caught in the eternal upgrade cycle.

  • @andyfallsoff @carbonsinglespeed

    yes, that’s correct! 20% off all prices in op :)

  • Don't forget 12 speed needs a different hub too so you'd probably need new wheels

  • Yeah fair enough it needs an xdr driver. So you could potentially just swap out the freehub if you have a compatible hub.
    Currently mavic, dt Swiss and zipp hubs are compatible. Anyone else?

  • Sorry, I wasn't as clear as I should have been - does "shifters and mechs with disc brakes: £1650" include all the little bits and bobs (battery charger, chain, brake hoses, etc - i.e. full chainset less chainset and BB)?

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Sram RED Etap AXS 2x12

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