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  • Tormund opened a red-fringed eye.


    Had he passed out in the snow yet again, while relieving himself into the patches of snow which still fringed the great walls - those still standing after the Night King's final assault?


    That was not it.

    Something else.

    There'd been that drunken wager with Gendry.

    Lord Gendry, he corrected himself. Lord Gendry of Storm's End. Lord Gendry of House Baratheon.

    They'd shaken hands, Gendry's strong from years of forging iron into swords. And made even stronger from days of forging dragonglass into swords.

    His blue eyes. But not the unearthly blue of the undead. These eyes were full of life. Life yet to be lived. Unlike so many of their fallen comrades, who'd died defending the living.

    Some of them twice...

    Tormund winced at the memory.

    Something stirred at his side.


    Someone with scales...

    A dragon.

    Its giant unearthly blue eye glinted.

    An undead dragon.

    By the old gods and the new...

  • Well, was't that a load of utter tosh.

    Just when episode 4 made you think it couldn't get any worse...

  • It's all a bit meh. At least there's only one more to go!

  • Good lord. It's worse than I could possibly have imagined.

  • when there's still an episode left in the series

  • I liked it

  • I liked it.

  • I like lamp

  • I like what pifko said.

  • Prediction: danaerys makes Jon marry her.
    Kills tyrion. Makes sansa the hand.

  • Dany is ☠☠☠

  • aryia kills denaryes wearing John's face

  • Tyrion bums a drgon

  • Absolute garbage.

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  • Doris Tarragon. What is she holding onto on that dragon and why does she look like she's steering it?

  • Just realised that Varys was trying to poison Doris near the start of the episode.

  • I bet it ends with a referendum.

  • .

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  • What the fuck was little finger hoping to achieve?

  • The best ending we can hope for now...

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Television SPOILERS

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