• Hi,

    I'd like to fit a light mount like the one below to my surly front rack, to keep the light tucked out of harms way.

    I think I'd be ok to silver solder it with a blowtorch but I'd be happy to hear other peoples opinions on this, also if anyone knows where to source a suitable mount/boss that would be great, I see Ceeway but I think they have a minimum order.


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  • Yeah I may end up figuring something out with a clamp, big fan of how clean a braze-on would look though.

  • That's your rack in the bottom picture?

  • Is it steel?

  • Yeah my post isnt very clear sorry! The Surly rack doesnt have the little braze on in the second pic, that has been added by whoever owned that rack. I want to poach the idea.

    The rack is mild steel.

  • if you want to order stuff from ceeway, i'm going to make an order in the next day or so, happy to compile stuff if you want

  • Ah interesting!

    I think a rear smaller boss and a rear boss would cover bases (ART. 294 and ART.295)

    If you didnt mind chucking them in the order I will happily Paypal the $$ across beforehand. PM me if you can help, no worries if not!

  • cool ill drop them an email today and pm you when stuff comes, and we can figure it out from there. Should be before the end of the week, they usually pretty quick posting stuff

  • For anyone interested, you can bodge a front light onto a Surly Nice front rack with an M10 rope clamp, an old bashguard and random bolts and spacers. These will get replaced and tidied up/trimmed shortly to make it less of a bodge, but it works and is far better protected than the mount right at the front.

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  • looking to do the same, but want one bolt into the back of the front boss and then into the light... any ideas?

  • My bodge with a couple of Surly fixing plates. I like that braze on though, what sort of cost is a couple of them?

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  • I like that braze on though, what sort of cost is a couple of them?

    How much to buy the braze-on or how much to affix one to your rack?

  • Cost of two supplied and fixed to a rack, one on each side.

  • I’d do it for £15. You’d have to post the rack to me though.

  • @pastry_bot. has done a great bodge on a blackburn rack up front

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Fitting light mount to front rack (silver soldering/brazing)

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