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  • New bike day!
    Infinite thanks to the forumer that hooked this up for me.
    Can’t wipe the grin off my face.

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  • That looks....sturdy. Would ride!

  • Here comes trouble

  • Ex PedalMe?

  • that nitto bullmoose is a giveaway clue!

  • Man that thing is s l a c k

  • you got it! Cool!

  • Does the suspension fork actually do anything?

  • Does a lot, as in makes quite a huge difference to the smoothness of the ride. Absorbs bumps and potholes and makes it easier to get up curbs n things

  • Do you notice the difference in that seat angle?

  • That and the melty saddle, ha ha

  • You can't really unweight the front much when loaded. On a bike this big it makes for a good contingency

  • And another new whip
    Think I've got the fit correct!

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  • mega cargo bike continues to be one of my best ever life decisions, let's hope the tandem is too

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  • You now need a XXXL Nicolai, to complete your ultimate wheelbase collection

  • The best folding full-suspension hydraulic rim brakes tandem money can buy! Lucky you.

  • Much aero. Don't get a pilot, it'll only spoil the gainz.

    Also the rational mans tamdem I reckon.

  • Did you rent this space just to store all your bicycles?

  • thats actually my garden

  • Explains the tandem.

  • The best folding full-suspension hydraulic rim brakes tandem money can buy! Lucky you.

    you're not wrong!

    I had wanted one of these for ages and ages.
    despite many of the features seeming like novelty items, I believe in the wizards at Koga Miyata.
    I don't own a car so how else am I going to get a tandem on the train?

    a few months ago, saw a father+daughter on one near Waterloo. had to ride like mad to keep up with them. I asked if they were good and he said "yes, so good we own two" and then rode off into the sunset, jones bars pointed straight ahead.
    after that I watched Marktplaats like a hawk and made use of some dodgy european man and van company to plonk this on my doorstep.

    as for the features:
    folding - first time was easy and it took me less than 5 mins
    hydraulic rim brakes - they feel lovely
    extra drag brake, controlled by rear - nice to have on the steeps
    full suspension - rides like a cadillac
    six bottle cage mounts - great, I love hydration
    framebag space - eyeing up a @Tijmen folding compatible double luggage solution

    the only thing I don't really like is the butterfly bars, but they fold in this really cute way, so maybe I have to keep them.

  • I am only here for the fixehs

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Platypus HQ - Functional Bikes and Trips

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