• Putting out feelers for this beauty. Looking to streamline things with a 3T Exploro if this can fetch the right price. Frame is immaculate and I couldn't find a single scratch anywhere. I'd be keeping the bottle cages but will fit the original cube ones back on.

    Full Dura ace 9000 (50/34; 11-28).
    Ksyrium ES wheelset (1450g)
    105 spd sl pedals (not in picture).
    Sold with DT Swiss RA2.0 wheelset for training (see my other listing).
    New veloflex tyres and vredestein 50g latex tubes both used less than 50km.
    3T Tornova 42cm c-c handlebars.

    Looking for £2000 (dropped to £1800 with just one wheelset) for the full bike.

    More pictures on request.

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  • Now selling with just the ksyrium wheelset. Price drop to £1800. Happy for test rides with some insurance (passport) since I guarantee that whoever sees it will fall in love. Sad to see it go but bike packing plans need a gravel bike.

    Alternatively, happy to consider an equivalent gravel bike for a swap.

  • Back for sale here after no success on eBay and a severe change in circumstances meaning I have to either try to end a 2 year rent contract early and move back in with my mother, or find a way to make up 3 months rent asap. Share around if possible, now selling for just 1300 due to the urgency.

  • Price drop, 1200. Desperate times.

  • It's lovely. Perfect climber

  • 1150? Come on people keep a student close to campus :(

  • That's gorgeous. Bump on me mate. Hope things get sorted for you.

  • Still available. Happy to deliver somewhere in London.

  • Split the bike you should get parts going rather than a expensive bike selling.

  • What's the saddle?

  • I'd second the advice to split it if you do need the cash. Better pics will help as well.


  • Hey, it's a carbon specialized power saddle replica (not pictured, and EC90 branded I think). Or the pictured one is a lightweight (description, not the brand) 80g one that I got from Aliexpress. Both 100% structurally sound and ridden for more than 100 miles each. Originally wanted to keep the specialized replica but in hindsight could just rebuy.

  • And thanks @andyfallsoff and @billygoat8 for the advice. Unfortunately very low on time atm with end of term university work so wouldn't be able to take it to the shop for a disassembly so soon (dont have the BB tool needed for a full tear-down) . That said, i will post on the other classifieds forum here when I get the chance and see if everything can be accounted for.

  • Leave the BB in the frame will help for resell .if you in the sw london area I can strip the bike down for you for not a lot.

  • PM'd! If anyone else also has any idea on pricing for the frameset it'd be appreciated. Sub 800g frame and roighly 300g fork, but no reference for pricing online. Thanks!

  • pm me an asking price for frameset when you have got it (groupset as well)

  • @Glws PMd. Willing to split if everything is accounted for. @billygoat8 has been kind enough to offer to help with disassembly on Saturday, so put up interest on here for frame. Also posting in the other classified forum for groupset, finishing kit and wheelset.

  • nice but you should really have better photos to help with sale....anyway good luck

  • @billa Been telling myself I'll get round to it in forever. Tomorrow I'll definitely get betger pictures up.

  • How much we talking groupset?

  • I was thinking 450. Let me know if that's unreasonable!

  • Uploading pictures now. Frame is immaculate and crankset has a bit of heel rub. If a lucky buyer purchases the full bike, the tape needs changing.

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  • Sold with this white syntace stem and 3T bars instead as i chucked the aliexpress integrated one away because it was like a wet noodle (trust me, these are better)

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  • Price drop. 1050 for complete bike, accepting offers on the split. Christmas approaching so treat yourselves! Thanks.

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SPLIT: 900g Cube Litening frame + fork, 1400g 50mm carbon clinchers

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