Thorn tandem - kiddy back!

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  • Thanks! It’s getting there!

    Seatpost, chopped the top off, bobike clamped onto the post, stoker stem post clamped below that!

  • Sounds like a good way of carrying a child while getting her used to the feeling of riding as a stoker.

  • Yeah, shes 2 next month so not ready for a normal saddle and pedalling just yet!

  • excellent progress .. you rate the Bobike seat?

  • OJ is just about out of it now, 2 years old, its been great, worked on the brompton perfectly too

  • Hey man, I've thought of this a thousand times and never commented but all the power to you for building up a bike like this for your wife and kiddo, so so awesome. I just showed some pics to my 3 year old and she likes it too and obviously wants one now. Good job on being a rad dad and husband.

  • thanks! best thing is i get to ride it too! Just like the Brompton Electric for my wife... ;)

  • It’s somewhat complete.

    Need to sort;

    Gear set up.
    No fluid in rear brake
    Front rack - have basket and bag though
    Rear light
    Move and sort wiring for front light - onto rack.

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  • Front guard and flap on, went 65mm because there’s room

    Stoker bar and stem swap

    Safety flag!

    Need to do a front mech swap, rebelled rear brake, tubeless sealant in the tubes, rear guard and light, parking brake

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  • Fitted rear guard and swapped the mech! Running nicer now.

    Going to fit some half moon washers to 2 of the bridge mounts to make it a little neater.

    Added purple cable ends to keep the mrs happy.

    Will photo and ride tomorrow!

    Hopefully pizza rack arrives soon...

  • Shred to the park!

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  • Did take the tandem off road, lots of fun, kiddo loved it, had to lift onto these and for 50-100m stretches about 7 times, well funn

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  • Looks awesome!

  • So good! Even managed to get some skids!

  • Pizza rack arrived but no good! Doesn’t quite line up.

    Went in hard and got a Surly Nice...

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  • Surly Nice on, splendid.

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Thorn tandem - kiddy back!

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