Thorn tandem - kiddy back!

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  • Picked up the frame a year ago when the little human was six months old, she won’t be on this until she’s about 3 1/2/4 but wanted to give us plenty of time to build it!

    Wife up front, kiddo on the back!

    Currently deciding between drop / cruiser bar, but definitely disc brakes!

    Potential surly disc trucker 700c fork, with a 650bx50/55 tyre.

    I’d like to get a matching front purple hope and then the rest will be black.

    Sorry @Hulsroy this is the Hope hub project bike.. the mrs is well keen.

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  • Awesome

  • I've got an Orbit kiddyback tandem that served me and my Son well from the age of 5 up until around a year ago. Well worth the investment. Now he's in secondary school so he doesn't want to be seen on it anymore.

  • Yeah I’m hoping this will see them through for a few years of fun!

  • Fit well doesn't it :)

  • Should also add the frames had the original stickers replaced and a new head badge, looks much classier!

  • Yellow and purple looks great. Purple chainring bolts maybe...?

  • Quite possible!

    Will use the Thorn cranks in black so would be smart

  • Very envious! Super cool build

  • Discussed using a cruiser bar today, which I’m game for, meaning we may just use the Thorn forks and rim brakes.. would be less faff than the surly fork and 650b wheel. Discs are waay more appealing though.

    I know the OH would prefer disc

  • Also so keen for a Crust Clydesdale fork for this... some one must have one to sell me?! Or can someone build me one?!

  • Red Fox in Copenhagen has just made a batch of their own version.

  • Wow this is cool, do they do a triple? 2 kids and a mum

  • Thanks!

    Yes, tandems and triplets... we even have a Quad! /

  • Ok slightly off topic but are there any double tag alongs available to buy these days? I’ve seen pics of them on google images but none for sale.

  • Can’t say I have ever seen one except that photo of the two kids pinning it with their dad!

  • Kiddo seat for £6.99!

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  • Rear wheel being laced up.

    Also got a c17s saddle off a friend / brooks no longer make them :( not paying out rrp!

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  • Laced, and now done!

    Just need to sort the fork. Then I’ll build the front wheel

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  • Fork with disc mount fitted courtesy of Ben at kinetics, He’s done a perfect job instead of having to remove all the bosses he’s just Used them which makes my life a little easier

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  • Thoughts; colour for the fork.. Black, yellow to match the frame or something silly

    Also thinking it might fit a dropper post to the front, me and the missus are exactly 6 cm saddle height difference is just finding something to work in 26.4 mm

  • I know. I’m following. I’ll make a thread :)

  • Is this on the thorn fork?

  • Yeah was a v brake thorn fork, now it’s a disc one!

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Thorn tandem - kiddy back!

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