• I had a job fall through earlier this week and need to recoup some of the costs due to the impending rent day!

    Absolutely no 'dibs' on any of these items I'm afraid - first to pay wins! This is all about SPEED.

    I'm happy to post the vinyl and will gladly hand deliver the larger items via cargo bike within reasonable distance here in London. Collections to be made from Crofton Park, SE4.

    Without further ado, first up is a real beast and truly a reluctant sale. This is no ordinary Technics amplifier, no, this thing packs a whopping 110w/pc and even has a pair of XLR inputs. Take my word for it - this machine sounds phenomenal... An amp for life. Further reading to be done about it here: http://audio-room.net/technics-su-vx800-­a-good-technics/

    I'll take £220 on this. The last two to go in the UK on eBay went for £300 and £400.

    Second on the list, a classy little number. As with all my audio sales, this has been internally cleaned and serviced.

    £70. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap.

    Any guitarists on here? Here's a fun one. A pair of Celestion driven vintage Park column speakers still somehow here and up for the taking. These'll scrub up something wonderful (those stickers on the Park logos will obviously clean off a treat).

    Offers around the 250 quid mark... Take these off me please. This is a steal.. I had plenty of interested parties via other sites at a far higher price but I simply need these gone this week. Ultimately the drivers alone could fetch a higher value!

    Up next, a classic Session Sessionette 75 guitar amp with some scruffy edges but working perfectly. Don't mistake this for any of the other models, this one's the daddy with its 2 x 12" speakers. Sounds killer!

    All your's for a meagre £140 and I'll chuck in a free Rockette 20 which has a bit of a dodgy input.

    Loads more to come, and a tonne of great vinyl later today!

  • I remember playing the heck out of that Reinforced comp :-)

  • Hell yeah! Love the inserts featuring all the DJ nicknames in this box set too.

  • First lot of records. More to come. (vinyl / sleeve)

    The Idea Compendium 1988 (idealp 003) - EX/VG+. £12.

    Inspiral Carpets - Life (dung 8) - EX/EX. SOLD.

    Happy Mondays - Live (FACT 322) - VG+/EX. £10

    Happy Mondays – Squirrel And G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out) 1987 (FACT 170) reissue - VG+/VG+. £15

    Happy Mondays - W.F.L. (FAC232) - EX/VG+. SOLD.

    Happy Mondays - Freaky Dancin'/The Egg (FAC 142) - VG+/VG+ (strong). £5.

    Happy Mondays - Pills 'N' Thrills And Bellyaches (FACT 320) - white label copy with w.o.l. Rare? VG+/EX. £25.

    Blur - To The End (12FOOD 50) EX/VG+. £5.

    Stone Roses - One Love (ORE Z 17) - EX/EX. SOLD.

    A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray (Remix) - EX/EX. SOLD.

    Yeah Jazz - This Is Not Love (UPT 14) - EX/VG+. £4.

    Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome (302 419-997) VG+ VG+ SOLD.

  • The Doors - The Best Of The Doors (960 345-1) - VG+/VG+. £18.

    The Doors - The Best Of Doors (ELK 42143) - VG+/VG. £7.

    Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon (SHVL 804) - light surface marks throughout. Plays with minor crackle. VG/VG. £12.

    Pink Floyd - The Wall (SHDW 411) - VG+/VG+. Provisionally SOLD.

    Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II (40 037 / SD 8236) - VG+/VG+. SOLD.

    Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II (K 40037) - vinyl conservatively graded. Sleeve has seen water damage. G+/VG. £7.

    Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy (K 50014) - some surface marks and scuffs but plays very well. VG/VG+. £12.

    Led Zeppelin - The Soundtrack From The Film The Song Remains The Same (SSK 89402). Some hairlines on sides a/b which DNAP. VG+/VG+. £12.

    The Hollies - Hollies Sing Dylan (PCS 7078) - VG/VG. £3.

    David Bowie - Let's Dance (AML 3029) - VG+/VG+. SOLD.

    Eric Clapton August (925 476-1) - VG+/VG+. £2.

    The Beatles - 1967-1970 (PCSP 718) - VG+VG+. SOLD.

    Elvis Costello & The Attractions - This Year's Model (RAD 3) - one or two slightly feelable marks. VG/VG+. SOLD.

    Rainbow - Difficult To Cure (POLD 5036) - EX/VG+ (slight rippling to sleeve). £3.

    Whitesnake - Ready An' Willing (UAG 30302) - EX/VG (slight rippling to sleeve. £4.

    Roxy Music - Manifesto (POLH 001) - VG+/VG+. £2.

    Sarah Vaughan With Milton Nascimento - Brazlilian Romance (460156 1) - VG+/VG. £3.

  • This session 2x'12, is this actually an amp or just a speaker cabinet?

  • It's an amp and its brilliant!

  • More photos of the Sessionette!

    4 Attachments

    • 6ef95d89-fbc0-4e59-a41a-ede9cb65eb9d.jpeg
    • a7d8305a-a52f-462c-b0f4-a30881ca728b.jpeg
    • a777c9e3-e848-4b5c-b353-9548279e65b6.jpeg
    • bc200083-4542-4391-a18d-338e1d058f12.jpeg
  • Do you have any specs for it?

  • It's driven by Celestions (G12S-50s if I remember correctly) and it boasts spring reverb, the rest is in the sound. Bring your guitar over and have a play if you want! The bottom end on this thing is superb.

  • Anyone fancy a new hifi stack?

    Cambridge Audio Stack I'll do for £140.

    Technics lot I'll take £90 on.

    2 Attachments

    • IMG_8674.JPG
    • IMG_8677.JPG
  • If I was in London I'd have the Technics off you in a shot.

  • Technics Vx800. I can safely say that these are absolute beasts! Had one myself for a few years now and I’m hoping many more to come. Sound quality is amazing. Great price. Glws

  • Yeah cool, it sounds amazing, roger that, but what is it actually? Is it a solid state or what?

  • Indeed - it's solid state, no valvage here.

    Cheers to all those who've bought records in the last few days! Keep it coming, more to come shortly.

    There's a chance that those Park (Marshall) column speakers have become available again. I'd be happy to let them go for reasonable offers around the 250 quid mark!

  • Anyone need a new turntable?

    I've got a Technics SL-Q33 in lovely nick. Nice weighty direct drive deck, only fault is that the automatic cueing function isn't working. For those who prefer putting the needle on manually this is no issue at all, and would be fixable regardless, probably just with a change of the arm belt!

    £120. Bargain. Pictures to come tomorrow.

  • Photos of the turntable.

    Also some Technics ball speakers (SB-S30A) - haven't tested yet but looking good. Minus the wall hanging and original jacks, these'll be £70 for the pair!

    3 Attachments

    • IMG_8678.JPG
    • IMG_8679.JPG
    • IMG_8680.JPG
  • Yes please Happy Mondays WFL, Voodoo Ray and Inspiral Carpets.

  • Lovely - will send you a PM immediately!

  • May as well chuck in that stone roses one as well, seeing as I'm on a madchester revival.

  • Akai AA-R30 stereo receiver. Lovely working order full with backlight. £70. Cheapest you'll ever find one.

    1 Attachment

    • IMG_8685.JPG
  • More bargain vinyl to be had here. Utterly cut throat prices!

    Dan Curtin – Dream Not Of Today (VG+ £12)
    Morgan / Wild* – Flowerchild / Avion (VG+ £11)
    Jupiter 6 – The Tracking System (VG+ £24)
    Enrico Mantini – The Ultimate Result (VG+ £15)
    KMA Productions – Phantasy Trip / Cape Fear (VG+ £45)
    Sinewave (3) – Sinewave (Strong VG £15)
    Don Campbell – Give Thanks (A = VG+ / B = VG £20)
    Johnnie Clarke* – Young Rebel (VG £15)
    Love & Unity – Can't Let You Go (VG £38)
    Raymond Naptali - Roy Rankin – New Cross Fire / Brixton Incident (VG+ £12)
    16BⓅ* – Trail Of Dreams (VG+ a little water to labels £12)
    Aleks (8) – Pool Daze (VG+ £12)
    Ivan Iacobucci – SP12 Double Pack (VG+ £8)

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Audio, guitar amp and vinyl FLASH SALE. Rent day inbound, uh-oh! *daily updates*

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