• Rat build, functional pub bike, #tracklocross whatever you want to call it - want to build another bike that is fixed with a disc brake and big tyres.

    After selling a fixed with a disc condor tempo, I kept the cranks and wheels with a future rat build in mind - ideally a Pompino, Plug 0, etc. for pub duty and the occasional gravel ride, including the upcoming Brother in the Wild 2019.

    Cheap, ratty but functional Pomps are like hens teeth and I've just 'won' a Carrera Subway Zero. From what I can tell this was launched by Halfords chasing the fixie bandwagon back in 2009.
    I've not got it yet but it appears to be some kind of MTB/Hybrid thing with rear facing drop outs.

    Stuff I got

    1. Wheelset: H+ Son fixed/fixed rear, H+Son Hope disc front
    2. Tyres: Gravel King SK 32c
    3. Drivetrain: Cogs 15-19t, 44t Chainring, SRAM S300 courier crank
    4. Seat/Seatpost

    Going to need

    1. Disc Fork, no idea what yet
    2. Hydraulic disc brake
    3. MTB handlebars
    4. GXP BB

    The build is about keeping it cheap but functional. Haven't decided if I'll take a rattle can to it yet, ideas welcome..

  • First and biggest challenge, finding a disc brake fork.
    Canti brakes + riding fixed around the Jurassic Coast doesn't fill me with joy.

    I've been told the Axle to Crown is 420mm. No idea what the rake is and presume it is a straight 1 1/18 steerer.

    Will a 26" rigid mtb fork with 700c and 32c tyres work?

  • I have a set of kona p2 disc forks which would proabbly fit the bill

  • Canti brakes + riding fixed around the Jurassic Coast doesn't fill me with joy.

    V brakes would be fine tho

  • I thought I’d just repeat myself

  • ace thanks! have pinged them a message

  • fair... quite fancy the idea of hydraulic with an unnecessarily large rotor to go over the bars in style but i'll assess when it arrives.

  • thats the one :) yours for a tenner

  • I've got a tektro hydraulic front brake you can have for a tenner

  • tektro hydraulic front brake you can have for a tenner

    Jesus - what could go wrong?

  • Axle to Crown is 420mm

    Seems very long. Would fit 700*32c though. It might be a misleading pic but maybe a shorter fork would steepen angles a better and give it a bit of bb drop?

  • I think the bike is based on the normal Subway which they offered as a hybrid or mtb.
    Part tempted to stick on some old short travel Dart forks on a bike sat at my parents place.

  • Thanks for the offer. If I manage to get everything together cheap, might treat myself to some entry level SRAM/Shimano.

  • FFS turned up today and look at the state of the rear dropout.

    7005 alloy, toast?

  • I'd just warm it a put it in a vice to get it back in place. But it's your teeth

  • It seems straight in the picture further up this thread. Must've happened in transport?

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Grub build / Gravel Pub Fixed / Carrera Subway Zero not Pompino

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