For Sale: Macbook Air 2014 11''

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    I've got a new macbook so this is for sale.
    It's a Macbook Air, 11'' screen from 2014. Has a 128gb SSD, 4gb ram, 1.4ghz i5. It runs great, never gave me any trouble, no scratches or dents to speak of as it was always kept in a hard shell. There's one tiny scratch on the right hand edge of the screen but that's it. Comes with the original charger, also still working perfectly.
    These are going for about 350 on ebay so I'm looking for 300 picked up in N1 or EC1.


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  • btw I'm going to put this on ebay shortly because I could do with the money. Maybe Weds or Thurs.

  • my gf's macbook got nicked over the weekend and she needs a replacement. let me forward this on and see if it's what she's after.

  • I know the seller, very trust worthy guy who knows a lot about computers. GLWS Sumo!

  • I know the seller. Bit dodgy I'd say.

    Will no doubt waste the money on 'ink' and metal records

  • I'm obviously joking. Sumo is totally legit.

  • the truth hurts

    This stuff isn't going to buy itself­

  • Can you let me know how many cycles on the battery please? Screen grab of the system info would also be appreciated! Ta.

  • Battery cycles is 544, no idea if that's high or low but it says battery condition is normal.

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  • .

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  • checked with gf - I pointed out it was a rad bargain and the 11 inch ones are great because you can pretend that you’re a giant but she’s having none of it and wants to muddle on with an iPad instead. glws.

  • No worries

  • Have PM'd you:)

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For Sale: Macbook Air 2014 11''

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