WANTED: Yepp Child's dront Bike seat or similar

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  • Hi,

    Does anyone have a front child's bike seat for sale?
    Either a Yepp mini or something similar.

    I used to have one and it was great, but I sold it when my kids got too big.
    I'd like to get one for my brother and his daughter.


  • I’ve got one but I’m in Bristol - I assume you’re lahndahn town?

  • Cool that might actually work!
    I'm in Devon, my brother is in London.
    I'm coming to Bristol next month for a gig. I'll PM you.

  • PMed. What gig?

  • At Trinity? Jealous - should be great!

  • Yeah that's the one

  • The one from @AlexD didn't work out as it had already sold to someone else.
    So I'm still looking for one of these if anyone has one. Preferably in London.

  • I sold my old one - this was the resale of it, not sure if it ever sold or not.


    I've got a rear rack mounting seat which I prefer, my kids are all big and ugly enough to not need me to pedal them around nowadays. Let me know if that is of any interest.

    btw - turns out your brother has run with my running club a couple of times. small world!

  • Cool thanks. I'll check it out.
    Yeah I saw my bro at the weekend, he mentioned that. I'll ask about the rear seat and might get back to you about it. Thanks for the offer.

  • @dangeek

    I've got a Yepp Mini that I was at some point going to get round to advertising if you're still looking? Comes with both the Aheadset and normal adaptors. Located in East London. £30?

  • Cool I'll PM you.


WANTED: Yepp Child's dront Bike seat or similar

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