Quella fixie / single speed for sale stunner

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  • The colour reminded me of what red looks like to people with deuteranopia (red-green colour blindness)

  • ‘Self banned myself’

    Brexit Britain

  • People on here are generally ok, but setting up an account just to sell, using sales spiel and adding hipster tax are three things which don't go down too well. Try eBay mate.

  • Try eBay mate

    or just burn your bike and try golf.

  • What happened here? hahaha did user97116 get harassed? 😂

  • Posted three bikes for sale, all with ridiculous descriptions and sharing an obvious lack of taste. Got laughed at. Flounced.

    The End

  • There was a fella on here a short while back who works for Quella and was posting non-bargain Quellas on the non-Ebay bargains classifieds thread. Wonder if there's any link.

  • How did I miss all this fun? And surely any ban you impose yourself is a self-ban? No one's going to impose a self-ban on you otherwise? Jean-Paul Satre would have a field day with this.

  • So the seller assumed it was gorgeous red due to it being brown because if his colour blindness, whilst actually being brown in reality?

    Wait, was the biek actually gorgeous metallic red or liver disease brown?!

    I am confused

  • There was an anonymous fella
    Who tried to sell us a Quella
    But its advertised red colour
    Was actually much duller
    Than his flouncing, which was positively stellar

  • Basically my sick burn does not stand up to scrutiny whatsoever. If he was colourblind, he might see a red bike as muddy brown, but not the other way round.

  • Stunning red sticker to commemorate this thread

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  • That’s it, love red bikes. Perfect for cruising!

  • Interesting to see someone not go through all the motions of feigning politeness, becoming increasingly annoyed, name calling, pleading to just have a proper sale, then calling everyone stuck up hipsters before being banned. He sort of went straight to the last step before removing himself; he could have at least dragged it out a bit. Shame.

  • Shocked and upset, was really keen for a beautiful red bike

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  • but

    Colour: Blue

    as well as

    stunning metallic red colour

  • Hang on. Do we really think that pursuing someone onto eBay just to make stupid offers on their bike is actually worth the lolz? Seems like we might be straying into dick-move territory here (although, admittedly I didn't see all the comments on this thread before they were deleted).

  • deuteranopic bidders only please

  • Now there’s a bandwagon I can jump on!

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  • Just making the 9-5 grind more enjoyable/living up to the worst Forum ever expectation

  • The message hahaha

  • Yeah, I think it should probably stay on the forum though. putting effort into hassling someone elsewhere is crossing a line for me. That's just my opinion.

  • thats fucking brilliant 😂 also "stunning red" really?? also £600 for a quella...

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Quella fixie / single speed for sale stunner

Posted by Avatar for user97116 @user97116