10 speed Campagnolo cassette

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  • my TT bike is a bit old machine and it needs 10 speed - in good condition please

    seller will have to post to Bristol


  • What ratios do you need?

  • I have a Record 11-23 titanium. really light and in vgc - want £65 posted (+pp fees)

  • campag 10 speed cassettes are quite cheap new. why not get a new veloce cassette or a cheaper miche?

  • Pretty much any ratio will do as I will only use it on the turbo and just to put miles in .

    Yes rather something cheaper than record ...

  • Let me have a butchers later. I think I have a Chorus one (or two...)

  • Thanks. I'll wait here . .. 😉 just let me know when you have a chance.

  • Right - that was fun. Managed to find and work out an 11-23 cassette. It's light and in good condition. Clean and with little wear. No idea of the level, it doesn't say record/chorus etc. The spacers confused the hell out of me but they're all there. and there's no lockring. Should there be? I think I have one lockring across all my campag cassettes. Can post it for £15? Is that a good price? No clue.

  • If you don't fancy it then no worries cos I'm sure I can use it.

  • 13-26 in good nick?

  • Yeah but I'm using it :(

  • Pm’d I have a 12-27 10 speed. Cheers 👍


10 speed Campagnolo cassette

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