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  • I've got a few days in Shanghai on the way back from a work trip... I'm supposed to be working but meetings fell through. Any suggestions for what I should do? staying near Jing'An park

  • Eat lots of shengjian bao. Loads of spots around Shanxi Road metro for that. Just point and smile. The Shanghainese are very friendly.

    The French concession area round there is lovely.

    Propaganda museum is cool.

    Fake market for glasses. Branded frames for ~10% of U.K. retail price.

  • Power station gallery worth a visit

  • Apart from the fact it stops precisely nowhere, (but has plenty of taxis at ground level),
    have you been on the Airport Maglev?

    Underground market for pretty much anything!
    We stopped by one stall selling (counterfeit Northface walking shoes).
    Asked about Vibram soled walking boots. We were invited to have a cup of tea.
    Within 10 minutes the stall runner was back with a selection of Vibram-soled footwear.
    (mespilus jr. was growing through shoe sizes rather than wearing them out,
    so we bought a selection).
    The Railway under the river is twee.
    TV tower is overpowering with its acrylic walkaround floor.

    Edited to replace my erroneous 'Bullet Train with Maglev'.
    A Senior moment.

  • Thanks for that all... I'd already planned a visit to the fake market and it turns out Shanxi Road metro is close to my hotel so that's buns covered too (my hotel only seems to do French food, bizarrely). Art, fakes, propaganda, tourist views, buns and dumplings seems to be the plan for me then.

    Apart from the fact it stops precisely nowhere, (but has plenty of taxis at ground level),
    have you been on the Airport Bullet Train?

    Planning to do it on the way back to the airport if only so I can tick off the maglev train ride on the "stuff I wanted to do as a kid" list.

  • Look out for people doing jian bing at breakfast too. They’re nice enough but watching them being made is the best bit.

    Was surprised last year at how cashless China has become. The stalls will take cash but don’t try and use a 100rmb note for 12rmb of dumplings and expect not to cause a big fuss.

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  • I've got alipay apps (both HK and China), do they take that? Also, are cabs cash like HK? I was caught out by cash-only there and ended up having to get an expensive cash advance from my hotel

  • maglev train ride

    Yep, it's a bit more impressive than the Gatwick Shuttle.

  • You’re laughing with Alipay. Everyone takes it.

  • edit: never mind

  • Ahhh shit sorry I haven't logged in in a while! If you're still in Shanghai @atz then let me know, I live here!

  • I actually find the maglev really scary so don't recommend it to people... I'm not keen on dying at high speed over a wasteland in Pudong new district.

  • Though if you're staying anywhere on the east side of the river I suppose the maglev is quite convenient, and literally anything is better than line 2 to the airport.

  • My recommendations for things to do in SH:

    1. Walk along the Bund, take the public ferry over to the other side,
      gawp at tall buildings and have lots of people try to take pictures
      of you
    2. Go to a temple: Jing'an Temple is the most convenient but it's not the best or in anyway authentic. Longhua Temple is really nice and serene. Jade Buddha Temple has (surprise!) a massive jade buddha.
    3. The French Concession (or the french connection, as my mum calls it) is great for a wander, Tianzifang is good but touristy. Xintiandi is shit.
    4. Some good museums: Propaganda Museum, Shanghai Museum, Urban Planning Museum (my fave), West Bund art museums (power station, yuz, long museum, etc)
    5. The water towns nearby can be nice, I think Zhujiajiao is the easiest to get to (on line 17) though I've never actually been. Nicer ones are further away.
    6. Shopping - Huaihai Road is better than Nanjing Road. Swankiest malls are IAPM, IFC, Kerry Centre. Fake market is beneath the Science & Tech Museum on line 2, it's quite an experience but you can get some good stuff.
    7. Treat yourself - massages, bathhouses etc. Chinese massage is great and it's so cheeeeeap. Just don't accidentally go to a brothel like someone I know... There are a few bathhouses in SH, the korean or japanese ones are best, you bathe naked so don't go if you don't like lots of nudity.
    8. Have a cocktail at sunset by the Bund - Captains or Pop Bar are my choices.
    9. Too much food to list.... Shanghainese food is (in my opinion) horrible, but there's food from all over China and the rest of the world, ranging from cheap but delicious, to eyewateringly expensive but (hopefully) mouthwateringly good.

    That's all I can think of for now, I should get back to work...

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