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  • Looks like XR's tactics are at the very least contributing to actual concrete change

    A cynic would say that it looks like McDonnell knows what plays well with his base!

    The Labour Party has not been the political impediment to change for quite some time (remember ‘cut the green crap’?)

  • Here is your answer to climate change :


  • Ahhh, someone in here thinking clearly!

  • Because for example, deepwater horizon was used as a stick to beat the British and advantage American oil companies rather than an opportunity to clamp down on risk taking in the industry.

    The incident was politicised to the point that an opportunity to trigger reform was missed.

  • Politicised by governments/businesses?

    How is this related to the merits (or otherwise) of public climate activism?

  • Here's a crazy thought, how about flying the drones and not turning yourself in to the cops?

    Are XR just afraid to send the message that it's OK to break the law for a good cause?

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  • I'm not much of a tin foil subscriber, but it's something of a coincidence that routine inspections last night took a load of jubilee line trains out of action from late last night into today, with considerable impact to service. Kinda like "here's some proper disruption".

  • Because it's a PR stunt.

    There is more mileage in them handing themselves in. Not only does it reinforce the individuals' and organisation's credibility, it offers the potential for reusing the story over the various stages of the court process.

  • I thought there wasn't enough support to do this, which is why the last Heathrow action was explicitly under a different name? Change in opinion, or another example of decentralised actions?

  • No, all it does is give 450+ people a criminal record for no reason, and give police the names of activists for their watchlist. How does sending your members to the meat grinder reinforce credibility? People will hate you for causing disruption regardless of whether or not you turn yourself in. Proper organising and direct action against capital will yield far greater rewards than publicising a few pointless trials.

    The argument that it ties up police resources is nonsense as well, sure enough they're stretched thin when there's a large scale demonstration on but they're more than well equipped enough to process a few arrests.

  • And with that, I’m done with this thread, as I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to hear.

    But you didn't stick to your word

  • Definitely one for the conspiracy theory thread! Not sure who would want to do that or why.

  • I doubt we'll agree on this but...

    1. The reason they get a criminal record is for committing a crime. Which is fair and just.
    2. It reinforces credibility on two counts; a) it shows you are willing to accept responsibility for your actions / have integrity, b) it premptively counters any fall out from investigations - which would be incredibly time and resource consuming. In my opinion it would play out worse in the media if they were obstructing prosecution.
    3. Direct action and trials are not mutually exclusive.

    From my outsider understanding (based on XR's narrative as put forward by the leadership) direct action and arrest is something individuals are responsible for. The organization will support them, but ultimately activists must be prepared for the repercussions. At no point have I heard any indication that XR are giving people licence to commit crimes without consequences.

  • ^^ The world's first politically correct rebellion? Maybe they should check the dictionary again:

    1. Open, organized, and armed resistance to one's government or ruler.
    2. Resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition.

    If you're going to call yourself a rebellion live it up to it a little FFS.

  • Thank you for referring to this. But you did say you were done with this thread, but have kept on posting. Are you done with it, or not?

  • (Please be done with the thread)

  • Some people asked me to stay. So I did. And you keep replying to me. So I’m replying.


  • Stop bleating.

  • Fwiw I'd like to read views from different perspectives on this thread, it is useful to have ideas challenged etc.

    Keep it civil though please, we're not in the HoC.

  • Fwiw I'd like to read views from different perspectives on this thread

    This - both the civil and the frustration/aggression.

  • I'm on several XR groups on the various communications channels, and I am genuinely astonished at the effort that is going on behind the scenes right now to clear up.
    Each site has been scoured clean, all the stuff that is reusable has been catalogued and shared so people can reclaim it (a lot got left behind for various reasons)
    Donations are being made to various organisations who offered help and sanctuary.
    None of this will make the mainstream media so I thought it would be worth sharing around.

  • Anyone involved with XR Brighton?

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Extinction Rebellion

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